Northbrook-Kenosha 2009 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures
2009 Northbrook-Kenosha HPRA Racing Pictures
Human powered vehicle and recumbent bike races held 6/13/2009 at the Northbrook, IL velodrome. Weather was mid 70s with low winds.
Lap timing by HPRA AMB timing system. Sprint timing by electronic tapeswitch system.
Race director Sean Costin. AMB timing by Luke Gilbert.
Racing Results

Pictures by Dennis Grelk
Race Videos by Tony Levand (Joanie)
Race Videos by Mike Mowett

Pictures below by the Cortez camera team, except where noted..

Photo by Jim Iwaskow
After a morning rain storm, the skies cleared and the velodrome dried, just in time for a full afternoon of racing.

AA races his much modified John Morcigliano MoCom.

Chris Cortez races his Gritters lowracer 
Photo by Jim Iwaskow

Photo by Jim Iwaskow
Jane Hunn races her upright because her trike would not fit in the van with Jeff's streamliner. 
Mike Mowett races his Jester lowracer. 
Photo by Jim Iwaskow

Photo by Jim Iwaskow
Tim Hicks races his Black Max trike. 
Dan Glatch races his Piranha streamliner.  
Photo by Jim Iwaskow

Racers line up for the stock class 50 lap race at the Northbrook velodrome.

Mike Mowett in white on his new Challenge Jester with Baron parts.
Tim Hicks in the lowboy jersey lines up for the races on his homebuilt lowracer. 
Start of the Northbrook stock class race. 
Photo by Dan Glatch

Photo by Dan Glatch
Northbrook infield
 Racers ready?
Dennis Grelk crosses the start/finish line during the 50 lap stock race, in the background, Tedd Wheeler is racing his track bike.
Gary Toy races his Cobra  CF lowracer.

Photo by Jim Iwaskow
Tedd Wheeler races his fixie.
Photo by Jim Iwaskow

Sean Costin (NoCom) passes Chris Cortez (Gritters lowracer) on the  inside.

Womens 20 lap race. Jane Hunn rides an upright, Dora Cortez rides a Gritters lowracer. 

Racers line up for the 100 lap faired class race. Announcer Ed Gin talks to Body Socked Earl Russell. 
A motley crew of human powered racers. Long whelbase, short wheelbase, manufactured, home built, bikes and trikes, all with one thing in mind, SPEED.
Left to right, Tyger Johnson's pink F40, Tracy Thompson in Garrie's WAW velomobile, Tony Levand in his yellow LWB Coro-racer, and Rick Gritters in his fabric bodied streamliner, with trike rear wheels. 
 Richard Nicodemus in the Red Lightning F40, starts near the front.
Jeff Hunn waits for the fairing top in Rick Wianecki's Jeff-n-liner. This was his first race with this bike.
Doc Pearson waits for the flag in the Infinity SWB Superstreet racer.
Front row of starting line-up L-R: Tim "25HZ" Hicks,  Jim "Jackrabbit Jimmy" Iwaskow, and Rick "ImATriker" Gritters.
Next row in the line-up, L-R: Richard Nicodemus in the red F40, Dan Blatch in the Piranha, and Tyger Johnson in the pink F40.
Next row: Tony, Tracy, Dennis Grelk in the green/white  Barracuda, and Richard.
In the back,  Jane Hunn holds Jeff, as Dora and Chris Cortez look on. Frank Lindley is in the foregound on his tailboxed Infinity.
Jane lines up to give Jeff a start push, Andrew Bomar is launched in one of the Rose Hulman 'liners, Doc takes off.  
Jeff Hunn is underway. 
Rick takes the corner on his trike converted head-out 'liner. 
Dan and Tyger are neck and neck in the corner. 
Tracy rounds the corver in the WAW. 
Tony is out of the corner on the Carp 'liner. Tony built a nice new fiberglass nose for this year's version of the bike. 
Richard in the F-40 and Richard Myers in the Moby.
Two Rose Hulman 'liners. Andrew Bomar is in the white one, and Danny Sing is in the new black one. 
 Rich Myers on the front staightaway.
Andrew Bomar 
 Andrew passes Rick.
 Racers jockey for position coming out of the corner.
Racers pass and are passed coming out of the corner. 
Dennis passes the pack way on the outside. Plenty of traffic! 
Tim races by on his square tube lowracer. Tim's bike has a characteristic bounce at each pedal stroke.  
Danny in the sinister Rose Hulman 'liner. The Rose Hulman team has won the ASME championships for the last several years.  

Rose Hulman has been a regular attender of HPRA races for the past several years, and their bikes have shown a great improvement.

Dennis cruises by in the barracuda 'liner. 
Earl Russell in his 'socked' Ti-Rush. 
Tracy in the WAW. 
Superstreet points champion Doc Pearson.  
The pack 
 Earl creeps up on Jim on the inside.
 Racers cornering.
After Saturday's races, It's time to hand out the awards! 
Sean congratulates Chris Cortez on his 3rd place overall for the Northbrook velodrome event. (Nice Jersey!)
Sean congratulates Jeff Hunn.  
Sunday at the Kenosha velodrome dawned bright and sunny with low humidity and nice temperatures.

Dora Cortez warms up.


Tim Hicks "Black Max" tilting trike. 
Black Max side view. 
Tim says something in Canadian to Dennis.
Jim races the 1K TT on his Challenge Jester with lightweight CF tailbox. 
Racers line up way in the back there for the 1K TT.  
People and bikes keep cool under the tents. Under the right tent is the Grelk family, and the Grelk 'liner... 
Brenda Gritters keeps cool in the shade. 
Computer Timing official Luke Gilbert hangs out in the shade.
 Tony's new liner and the WAW.
Jeff and Rick take a look at Jeff's new go-fast gear. 
Dennis does the TT on his tilting trike. 
Tim does the TT on his tilting trike. 
Stock racers prepare for the 50 lap race. 
Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)

Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)
Sean Costin 
The 20 lap trike race starts. 
Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)

Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)
Trike race paceline 
Chris and Jeff take turns drafting each other.
Now it's Chris's turn in front. 
Tim zips by. 
Marge Branch races down the front stretch. 
After Tim beat up on him at the Indy event, Dennis Grelk built a tilting trike for this weekend's event. Dennis built it as a untit to bolt into the dropouts of an old FWD lowracer he had. That bike had some problems on Saturday, so today he bolted it onto his race proven FWD and went fast.  
Dennis and Tim. 

Dennis, Tim, Jeff, and Chris

Marge, Dennis, Tim, Jeff, and Chris

Dan Glatch cruises by in the Piranha, Tracy on the sidelines in the orange WAW velomobile.
Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)

Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)
Winning virtual Team Ariba Ariba posing with cheese hat. (Dennis and Tracy)
Dennis' bolt on tilting trike unit with drum brakes.
Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)

Photo by Bob Jung (via Dan Glatch)
Mary Glatch takes Dan's 3yr old racer-in-training, Laurel around the inside loop.

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