Manchester Medley HPRA Recumbent Bike Races

Manchester Medley HPRA Recumbent Bike Racing Pictures
Races held August 21st & 22nd 2010 at the North Manchester, IN high school. Thanks to race Jeff and Jane Hunn for organizing a nice event. Thanks to Luke for Saturday timing. Saturday it rained on and off all day and eventually the races were called because of a bad crash. Sunday was dry with temps in the lower 80s and no crashing.

Richard Meyers gets out of his street faired 'liner with Optima Baron chassis after his 1 lap sprint TT.
Doc Pearson runs his 1 lap TT. Later in the day during a lap race, Doc crashed and broke his hip when it started misting and the track got deceptively slippery. Chris and Tedd crashed in front of him, and Theo crashed behind him, but they escaped with only minor road rash

Get well soon Doc!

Garrie Hill's Greenspeed velomobile, illegally parked in a handicapped spot.
Dora Cortez cranks up to speed on her Gritters lowracer during the 1 lap TT
Jim Iwaskow says "missed it by that much". Jim rode his Tailboxed Challenge Jester, and Jeff's Catrike Expedition.
Joe Brooks (background) and Jeff Hunn prepare for their 1 lap TT. Jeff raced Garrie's Munzo leaning trike.
Chis Cortez (Gritters lowracer) and Brian Stevens (Lightning M5) wait their turn for the TT.
Junior class racer Theo puts down a hot lap on Garrie's Trice folding trike.

Picture via Jeff Hunn

Warren and Theo during a lap race.

Rich cruises through turn 3.
Picture via Jeff Hunn

Picture via Jeff Hunn

Warren, Jim and Theo on the front straight.


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