Indy HPV Racing Pictures 1999
Indy HPV Racing 1999

Pictures from the April 24th and 25th HPRA HPV races
at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis on Saturday,
and at Pioneer park in Mooresville, IN on Sunday.

bricks-indy99.jpg (8792 bytes) Ray and Sherrie Brick - Cheezing for the camera between races on their home built carbon fiber back to back low racer. Don't draft too close!
Right - A pack of faired HPVs comes out of one of the highly banked corners of the Major Taylor Velodrome. Left to right, Tyger Johnson, Jim Curry, Garrie Hill(red), Frank Lindley, and Doc Pearson.

Below - Various streamliners in race mode, and then at rest. In the bottom left photo, the white streamliner is Tom Ollinger.

faired1-indy99.jpg (5076 bytes)
faired4-indy99.jpg (5114 bytes) faired3-indy99.jpg (5225 bytes)
faired2-indy99.jpg (5038 bytes) faired6-indy99.jpg (6501 bytes)
Jim Curry in the latest Infinity SWB Modified class racer. Note the excellent use of a Zipper fairing and Coroplast. Jim has been steadily moving up one fairing class per year. Next year, Supermod? jimcurry-indy99.jpg (8404 bytes)
robertwood-indy99.jpg (4397 bytes) Robert Wood, leaning into a corner at the Velodrome. Robert, in conjunction with Garrie Hill is close to starting work on a new fairing/bike based on the Micro-Moby plug, and hopes to have it ready by  this year's HPRA championships.
Teresa Cheatham, taking it easy between races, Teresa is racing a Rans MWB bike this year. I'm hoping somebody will send me some pictures of the stock class racers actually moving, as I was too busy racing to take pictures at that point... teesacheatham-indy99.jpg (10821 bytes)
raystockinger-indy99.jpg (7160 bytes) Ray Stockinger's home built extra short, FWD low racer, built from, among other things, a sign post and electrical conduit. Ray has also built interesting items such as a HPV drag racer with a giant slick on the back (max speed 10MPH), and a hot-rod little red wagon. 
Kevin Berl's RWD, rear suspension low racer is made mostly from aero tubing. He says he has an all carbon fiber bike in the works... kevinberls-indy99.jpg (7576 bytes)
brucegordon-indy99.jpg (4524 bytes) Bruce Gordon on his Modified class Festina low racer. It uses a Peter Ross nosecone, as well as creatively shaped Coroplast for the body. Bruce carts his bike around in a nice little Coroplast bodied trailer.
Here's Ray Stockinger, on his front and rear steering, and front and rear offset-able ultra-SWB bike. Corners on a dime. No, Really.  E-mail Ray raystockinger2-indy99.jpg (9587 bytes)
Stock class racers in the starting grid for the "short" race at Pioneer park. (Photo by Bill Murphy)
stockracers-indy99.jpg (18423 bytes)
warrenbeauchamp1-indy99.jpg (8130 bytes) Warren Beauchamp taking a fast corner on the Barracuda low racer, and wishing he had a fairing. (Photo by Bill Murphy)
Another shot of Warren (me) setting up for the fast corner. Note stealth black bike and leggings to prevent photographers from picking up any details of the bike whatsoever.(Photo by Bill Murphy) warrenbeauchamp2-indy99.jpg (7272 bytes)
tygerjohnson-indy99.jpg (5478 bytes) Tyger Johnson on his slightly modified Lightning F-40, leaning waaaay over around a tight turn while racing the "short course" during Sunday's Pioneer Park event. Robert Wood setting up for the corner in the background.

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