1999 Human Powered Vehicle North American Championships

1999 North American Championships
Human Powered Vehicles
August 7th & 8th, 1999
Sponsored by the HPRA and the HPVA

Haven't had enough?  How about more 1999 NAC racing pictures?

nac-99-varnas-1.jpg (6843 bytes) Paul Buttermer holds the top of the Varna, while Sam Whittingham aligns the front. These two gentlemen from British Columbia race 3 of the 4 Varnas in existence. Sam says the fourth is the "mule" development bike, that has been cut up and put back together so many times that it is hardly worth racing.
This is the drivetrain of the newest Varna. It has custom 24" carbon fiber disk wheels, and is fully suspended. The front suspension is particularly unique, as the whole drivetrain is sprung from the rest of the chassis by a spring inside the silver tube under the handlebars. nac-99-varna-drive-1.jpg (10992 bytes)
nac-99-billmurphy.jpg (7191 bytes) Bill Muphy, riding his trusty Tour-Easy, with his latest partially blown Coroplast nose, during the 200 meter sprints.
Frank Lindley, on his Infinity low-racer with the latest in Zipper/Coroplast fairings, goes for the 200 meter sprint in Modified class. nac-99-franklindley.jpg (5488 bytes)
nac-99-greatwhite-1.jpg (6828 bytes) Byron Grimley (in red), and Rick Wianecke, prepare the Great White for a .decimach run. It's a LWB, RWD, carbon fiber chassied, mostly carbon fiber bodied streamliner, with a Schlumph mountain drive.
Byron Grimley, who only climbs off of his upright to train for the .decimach and to actually run the .decimach, spins the Great White up to it's eventual 42MPH top speed. The course was slightly uphill, with a strong gusty sidewind. nac-99-greatwhite-2.jpg (5419 bytes)
nac-99-jbrucegordon.jpg (4947 bytes) Bruce Gordon, running the 200 meter sprint on his partially faired Festina low racer with Ross nosecone and Coroplast body and tail.
Jim Curry, on the newest of the Infinity low-racers, running the 200 Meter sprint. This bike also sports a Zipper/Coroplast "Banshee" fairing, built by Don Barry of Ace Tools. Don builds the Infinity LWB frames as well, and ships them to Infinity for final assembly. nac-99-jimcurry.jpg (6496 bytes)
nac-99-kevinberls.jpg (7767 bytes) Kevin Berls, on his new home-built carbon fiber framed, rear suspended low racer. This is a beautifully finished bike. Kevin said it took "too long" to build...
This aluminum framed bike utilizes a linear drive. The rider finished about mid pack in the races, which is quite amazing for a linear drive bike. nac-99-lineardrive.jpg (9185 bytes)
nac-99-number251.jpg (9323 bytes) Gary Walsh on his Rans V-Rex with Zipper fairing and Coroplast side panels. This is a good example of a "SuperStock" class bike.
Randy Yokum cranks Robert Jungs aluminum framed Supermodified class bike up, in a bid for the .decimach prize. This bike's body consists of blown plastic and Coroplast, on an aluminum frame. nac-99-randyyokum.jpg (6089 bytes)
nac-99-robertwood.jpg (7004 bytes) Robert Wood, on his way back from running the .decimach. Robert Wood and Garrie Hill were very close to completing an all new carbon fiber ultralight unlimited class racer for this years .decimach event. It didn't quite get done in time, so Robert raced his trusty Coroplast bodied Supermod bike.
Here's Shean Bjoralt,  of Earth Cycles, on his new low racer, this time with paint. Shean may make you one of these wonderfully handling pocket rockets, if you ask nice. nac-99-sheanbjoralt.jpg (9162 bytes)
nac-99-theronhill.jpg (4458 bytes) Theron Hill, in the Mini-Moby,. This was Theron's first weekend of racing in the Mini-Moby, which was formerly raced by Randy Lindley. This LWB, steel framed, fiberglass bodied bike is an old timer, but still looks and runs great.
Thom Ollinger races in the shade. Thom's foam and fiberglass monocoque FWD racer normally has a much more aero canopy. Today's canopy consisted of blown components with a hastily modified window shade to provide the center section. It worked amazingly well. nac-99-thomollinger.jpg (5291 bytes)
nac-99-tomporter.jpg (5827 bytes) Tom Porter rolling out onto the runway for his 200 meter sprint. This super low all Coroplast bodied low racer is a good example of what you can do with some Coroplast, some imagination, and some time.
Here's the Varna "crash bike" on it''s way for a .decimach run. Note the body putty. nac-99-varnacrashbike.jpg (6090 bytes)
nac-99-varnamephisto.jpg (5414 bytes) Here's the Varna Mephisto on it's .decimach run. Sam Whittingham eventually made the winning 52MPH top speed run, to win the $1000 top prize. Paul Buttermer garnered second place in his Varna.

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