1999 Human Powered Vehicle North American Championships

1999 North American Championships
Human Powered Vehicles
August 7th & 8th, 1999
Sponsored by the HPRA and the HPVA

Haven't had enough?  How about more 1999 NAC racing pictures?

Thanks to Teresa Cheatham for these great pictures!

The start of Saturday's race in the rain. Left to right are Thom Ollinger, Jim Curry, Warren Beauchamp, Tyger Johnson, and Robert Wood. Top speeds averaged around 30MPH for the hour long race. I, along with many other racers,  found some glass and got a flat. t-nac1999SpartaGroupStart.jpg (18883 bytes)
Tom Porter, in the blue and yellow fairing had to keep looking around the sides of his fairing to see where he was going. We were all covered with a heavy layer of sand and road grit by the end of the race. t-nac1999-Groupatsharpcorner-1.jpg (14006 bytes)
t-nac1999-TygerleadingBruceGordon.jpg (8009 bytes) Tyger Johnson passes Bruce Gordon, and slows to the mid 20s (MPH) for the tight, rain soaked  corner. Note the blown canopy on Tyger's F-40 Lightning.
Sean Costin, winner of the stock races, tries on a monster chain ring for size. This 140? tooth chainring was made by a Russian machinist. t-nac1999-Shawn'smanyteeth.jpg (8247 bytes)
 t-nac1999-TheOllingers.jpg (8203 bytes) Thom Ollinger and his son Charlie hang out between races. That's Charlie's recumbent racer, made by Dad, next to them.
Paul Buttermer loads the Varnas up on the trailer. The Varna team came to the NAC's after a couple of weeks spent setting HPV records at a racing track in Canada. t-nac1999-Varna-1.jpg (8648 bytes)

The Infinity racing team, with the Infinity "Banshee" racers.t-nac1999-InfinityCrew.jpg (26382 bytes)

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