1999 Northbrook, IL and Kenosha, WI HPRA HPV race pictures

Bryant Tucker 100 pictures - July 18th at the Northbrook Velodrome
Cheddar Cheese Challenge pictures - July 19th at the Kenosha Velodrome

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Ed Gin and Len Brunkalla preparing the racers for the start of the 50 lap race at the NorthBrook Velodrome
50lapstart-northbrook-99.jpg (18869 bytes)

Gary Toy, racing on his SuperStock class Lightning Stealth. This bike sports a Rick Wianecke nose cone, and Coroplast body panels, to give him the maximum amount of fairing legal for the SuperStock class. garytoy-northbrook-99.jpg (7120 bytes)
jeffcaswell-northbrook-99.jpg (6123 bytes) Jeff Caswell, on his home made FWD "Micro Bike", with "ShirtFairing" (patent pending). Jeff is currently working on the next version, his "micro-mini bike".
Shean Bjoralt of Earth Cycles, on his production ready RWD low-racer. This is a great handling and fast bike with a 12" seat height, a 16" front wheel, and a 20" rear wheel. It has a comfortable sling seat. It incorporates an intermediary drive, and has a novel optional return chain idler above the front wheel. The idler can be used for plenty of front wheel clearance, or dropped down off the idler for more efficiency (racing mode). sheanbjoralt-northbrook-99.jpg (8224 bytes)
seancostin-northbrook-99.jpg (5443 bytes) Sean Costin, racing on the FWD Monkey-Hand. Everyone complains that they don't get any draft off of Sean. It's easy to see why. Sean won the race.
Thom Ollinger, warming up before the race sans top in his "Tub Bike", a fiberglass/foam monocoque FWD Streamliner.  thomollinger-northbrook-99.jpg (3961 bytes)

Modified and SuperMod class racers lined up at the start of the 100 lap race in Northbrook, IL
100lapstart-northbrook-99.jpg (20175 bytes)

Tyger Johnson, racing a new supershort Coroplast fairing on his Lightning F-40 with a WISIL skunkworks blown canopy. Bill Murphy is in the background, on his trusty Tour Easy. tygerjohnson-northbrook-99.jpg (5340 bytes)

The Start of the unfaired race at The Kenosha Velodrome
unfairedclass-kenosha-99.jpg (17859 bytes)

Sean Costin and Shean Bjoralt getting ready to battle it out at the beginning of the last man out race. seans-kenosha-99.jpg (8851 bytes)

SuperStock Racers, waiting for the word go in the last man out race at the Kenosha velodrome
superstock-kenosha-99.jpg (18182 bytes)

Modified and SuperMod racers, ready to go for broke in the last man out race at the Kenosha Velodrome
fairedclass-kenosha-99.jpg (14050 bytes)

Jeff Caswell, trying out Warren Beauchamp's "Barracuda" modified class racer, after the races. Though you can't see it in the picture, Jeff has a large grin on his face...  barracuda-kenosha-99.jpg (5865 bytes)

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