Reverse Gear recumbent clothing Review

Reverse Gear Recumbent Clothing Review

July 2011 - A review by Warren Beauchamp

Reverse Gear makes a line of clothing designed for recumbent bicycle (and trike!) riders. It's high quality clothing and as such is higher priced than the Chinese mass produced clothing manufactured for upright riders. The jerseys all have zippered front pockets that can be opened and closed with one hand while riding. The shorts have an extra layer in the crotch area. It's not a pad like tradition bike shorts, but more of a soft layer to prevent chafing. In addition it is excellent for us folks that prefer not to wear anything under our bike shorts.

The Reverse Gear line of clothing is designed for comfort, just like recumbent bicycles, and as such has a looser fit than the typical cycling jersey. The also are cut different on the bottom. Standard jerseys are longer in the back than the front, Reverse Gear jerseys are the same length all the way around, and are a bit longer than traditional jerseys. The jerseys are made in a wide range of sizes all the way up to 4XL.

The material is wicking and after half a season of riding with various Reverse Gear jerseys I can say that they feel and work fine.

Here's the Reverse Gear Mens Short. They are a bit shorter than average bike shorts and are very comfortable. The extra layer of what looks like a fleece material prevents the shorts from riding up, and the relaxed fit prevents any binding of sensitive anatomy. The fit in the legs seems a bit looser than normal bike shorts, but the elastic is wide and they are tight enough to keep them in place and prevent air from getting in.

Here's a close up of the fleece layer on the inside of the shorts, and of the flat double stitch used to sew it all together. It's very nice and high quality.

Here's the Reverse Gear Boab Jersey. I have tested both the short sleeve Boab and the long sleeve Mulga 3 models. Because I have a long torso, I often have issue where the tight fitting waist of traditional roadie jerseys causes them to ride up my stomach. Because these are cut for recumbent bikes and are as long in front as in back, they do not have this issue.

These jerseys have now been washed many times and are not fading or coming apart. They seem to be quite durable.


Here I model the Reverse Gear "Cool Back" jersey and shorts. The Cool Back Jersey looks just like the Boab Jersey from the front, but has a black mesh in the back to allow more ventilation.

I had a chance to test it during a very hot and humid "heat warning" day  and as advertised, the front side wicked and the back site ventilated.

See those pockets? They work very well. I can open and close them with one hand and they are very handy for keys, bars, and other items that don't mind being sweated on.

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