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Wide Eyez Bike Helmet Shield Review

by Warren Beauchamp
November 2015

The Wide Eyez bike helmet shield is an Acrylic plastic lens that attaches to your helmet. It comes in 3 colors, clear, bronze, and dark grey. Graham Hill of Wide Eyez says that the bronze and dark grey shields have a 98-100% UV rating, so they could completely replace sunglasses. It has a nice system to allow it to be flipped up or down and detents make it stay in either position.
 It was very easy to install the shield on my helmet using the included self stick pad and Velcro. The Velcro allows you to fine tune the mounting or remove the shield entirely. My rounded helmet did not allow the pad to mount completely flat but it seems like it is plenty robust and should not ever come loose. The shield is designed to lock in place in the "up" or "down" position using detents. I was able to mount the shield so it closely matched the profile of the helmet, with only small gaps between the shield and the helmet, so it should be pretty aero.

After some initial consternation over what I was going to do for a rear view mirror, I was happy that I was able to mount my Take a Look glasses mount mirror to the top edge of the WideEyze shield.

As noted previously the shield comes in 3 colors. It also comes in 2 sizes, small and large. I wear small/medium helmet and I wanted the shield to be as aero as possible, so I ordered the small in the dark grey color.

During testing on a bright sunny November day I found that the dark grey is very dark indeed. You probably only want this for bright summer sun or riding in the snow. The wrap around shield did work well at blocking the wind and keeping the sun out of my eyes.

I found I was able to flip the shield up and down pretty easily while riding by loosening the thumb screws on each side and then pushing the shield up or down. I ride fairly reclined, and when I laid my head on the headrest in "cruise position I could feel some air blowing up under the shield, but there was nowhere near as much air as without the shield.

Due to the shape of my helmet the detents would not lock it in the "up" position, so it would gradually drop down as I rode. I think moving the adhesive mounting a bit would solve this issue.

Here's the clear shield in the "up" position. It has a much more stealth look than the tinted lenses. This lens stays in the "up" position better than the tinted shield for some reason.
Here's the lens in the "down" position. The nose guard works well. I like the clear shield better than the tinted one. Clarity looking through multiple layers of plastic is reasonably good. When the shield is used without sunglasses, clarity is great.
In my opinion these are the best uses for this shield:
  • To allow for varying light conditions. Wearing sunglasses with the clear shield or clear glasses with a tinted shield gives eye protection to the rider while riding in the sun or at night without having to carry multiple pairs of glasses.
  • To provide sun protection to people who need to wear corrective glasses.
  • To protect the upper face from the sun. My sunscreen always wears off from sweating and I end up with raccoon eyes. This tinted shields should prevent that.
  • I am hoping that the shield may deflect the wind and reduce wind noise.

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