Reg Rodero HPV fairing projects
Reg Rodaro builds Jack's Cuda-W speedbike fairing
June 2005
Reg prepares the Cuda-W mold for building a new set of fairings for Jack Sochacki of  Oracle Bikes. Jack is planning on building a new speedbike for competition at the 2005 WHPSC. His will be a body on frame design, rather than a tub bike. 
Reg will be building 2 sets of fairings. one will be a "show" fairing for Oracle bikes to use as a rolling advertisement, the other will be the racing fairing. The racing fairing will be more heavy duty, and will not have a fancy paint job. 

Here's the first half of the pretty fairing laid up in the mold. It's got a yellow coating on the outside.

Reg says: "I have completed the first half. This piece was done a little differently in that the resin was introduced after the glass was in place. In order to reduce the marks where the core starts the first 2 layers were vacuumed and then  a second vacuum process after the core and last layer were added. The resin was added thru a tube under the bag so the fumes were contained. The first Cuda was an open wet out. This was a lot less smelly even though it was Vinyl Ester instead of epoxy. Hope to start the other side this week."
Here's the new fairing, with both halves competed, the stiffening members installed, and the top cut open for the bike to be inserted into the body.

Wow, that's a pretty bike.

Meanwhile on the other side of lake Ontario, Jack works to complete the chassis. He used a fiberglass half shell that Reg provided him to fit the bike. He plans to use dual 26" wheels and a FWD drivetrain in this aluminum chassis lowracer.
As you can see, this bike has chainring overlap on the front wheel, so it's designed for straight line racing only...

In the fall of 2005 Jack decided that the bike needed too much more work and decided not to attend the WHPSC.

To build the wheel fairings, and Jack's canopy in one piece, Reg decided to make a top/bottom mold for the Cuda-W. Here is the mold almost completed. 

Reg had to later add a flange and reinforce the mold to insure that it did not deform while making parts with it.

Reg says: "I have laid up 6 Cuda halves now and had to deal with the seam on the CF and Yellow Cuda. This plug is very heavy and did not have the distortion issues I had to deal with on the first two.
Next I will be adding a large flange for the next mold to be taken from. In this new configuration the center seam will be eliminated. It took longer to do the seam than to make the part. Lets hope this thing will come apart. It is very narrow."
  In the spring of 2006 Jack's partner company TrikeTrails was closed and he abandoned the project. Oracle Cycle Works no longer exists, even as as a virtual company.

December 2006
Reg was able to obtain the yellow Cuda-W body and he's going to build an SWB RWD fully suspended steel framed chassis to fit inside.

Reg says:  "I am going to use the rear suspension from my LWB liner and the suspension fork I bought from Trike trails last year."

"Everything should be in the designed locations. I will have to put the frame tube under the fairing to allow the seat to be where you designed and keep the 4 inch ground clearance. Carey Chen sent me some 155mm cranks so I will make a wooden mockup with the cranks clearing the front bulkhead by 3/4 of an inch and working back to the front wheel then back to the frame down tube. The fork requires 68 degree head angle. Should be a fun build. I don't see any obstacles at this point but you know how that goes. I am happy to get it back. It should be well tested by Waterford next
The new Cuda frame is done and I have been riding it. So far it has been the easiest and quickest bike I have built. It took a week with no problems to deal with. When it goes in the shell I may have to make some adjustments. It has front and rear suspension and is very smooth. I put some wide bars on it to get used to the tiller steering. Getting in the seat is a bit odd but getting out is very undignified. I have to paddle over to a table to pull myself up. It is good for a laugh. It is really low.
I shipped my last Stormy to Lightfoot yesterday so I have sold everything. Just have the Yellow Cuda to play with. I will make more in March when the weather allows.
This bike was sold to Jeff Wills in 2011  


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