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Reg Rodaro builds the Cuda-W fairing - Part 4
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Now for the grand finale!
Here's the Varna bubble sitting on the 'Cuda-W. 
Here's the Cuda-W after Reg has cut out the canopy area. The front subframe will need to be installed through the canopy area.
Here's the rear bulkhead / seat back. The hole is to mount / dismount the rear wheel. A layer of foam will cover the hole normally, and the hole will not even be noticeable.

Here's the canopy resting by Reg's velomobile, and a Russian Berkut velomobile that Reg is working on.

This is a good shot of the interior showing the front bulkhead and it's mounting T-nuts. The front subframe will mount to the T-nuts. The bulkhead is currently only glassed to the right half of the fairing. 

Also shown is one of the side reinforcement ribs. These ribs stiffen the fairing and provide some crash protection.

This shot shows the center support hoop. The front subframe will be attached to the top of the hoop. The bottom of the hoop supports the majority of the rider's weight.
Here are the rear wheel mounts. The section between the rear wheel mounts still needs to be cut out to install the wheel.

Reg has now completed the shell to the point where Warren could pick it up and start to integrate it with the drivetrain. Warren made the drive to Reg's place, had a nice visit, and picked up the fairing.

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