Matt Shumaker electric recumbent bicycle
E-drive kit
An Electric assist bike project by Matt Shumaker
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Due to the overwhelming interest in Matt's electric recumbent hotrod, Matt has decided to design and sell RC motor based drive units. He has gone through several iterations which can be seen on this long thread on the endless-sphere discussion list.

Matt says: "I have had a large number of queries about making RC motor drives available for purchase. I have started that process and am making single and dual stage drives right now."

Here is the first single stage drive unit. This one will use a belt to reduce the RPMs from the motor to a chain drive cog. It will require a huge chainring on the drive wheel. This design did not make it to production.
Here is a rough drawing of the two stage drive layout. It uses a belt to step down from the high speed RC motor to an intermediate drive, and then uses a chain to step down to the chain drive cog which will drive the rear wheel. This system is unique in that it can fold to allow it to fit onto a wide range of bikes.
Here are some completed second stage drive parts just out of the HAAS CNC.
Matt is having E-bike specific brushless outrunner motors manufactured to his specs. He hopes to have them available for sale by spring!
Here's one of the single stage drive units that Matt completed. It has a massive RC motor, and a freewheel assembly built into the large pulley. He had the aluminum black anodized.

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Here's another single stage unit, with a smaller RC motor. Very compact.

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More soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Matt at


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