By Philippe Gohier

Page1 - Male Mold    Page 2 - Female Mold      Page 3 - Building the bike

Now it's time to install the false flange, as explained previously.

To fully fill the gap between the plug and the flange I used poly-fair. 
When the poly-fair has cured, I can remove the surplus easily. 
I covered the mold with brown paper and tape, then I shot two layers of the PVA de-molder onto the flange. Because the flanges had a rough surface, they needed an extra thick coat of PVA de-molder.
After the PVA dried, the paper was removed and I sprayed it with some neutral mold gel coat, adding a beautiful pigment! 
50 minutes later I laminated 1 layer of 1oz/sq inch fiberglass with mold resin. Don't bother with the color this time. 
Next time: Mold 1/4 in thick, wood structure, de-molding, etc...  

In Dec 2007, Jim Iwaskow contacted Philippe, who said that he had abandoned this project for now.



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