Bearacuda Team information

The Bearacuda team

The Bearacuda tandem team from Cal Berkley has been given the green light to compete in the 2001 WHPSC, as the 5th and final team. Their two top collegiate racers, Lance Doherty and Andy Joque-Maynes, will be powering the Bearacuda streamliner for the Battle mountain record attempts. In past speed runs they have proven to be a potent team, and have applied for 3 IHPVA records. Their best performance is 58Mph in the 200M. 
The current Bearacuda support team consists of Tomonori Honda, Jigar Mehta, Ben Blake, Isaac Noh, Sam Bernier, Alan Ni,and Francis Ku, as well as the team leader Tai Stillwater.
This experienced team represents a new challenge to the Double Gold Rush team who had been racing uncontested in the 2001 WHPSC Multi-rider category. 

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