Easy Racer Team information

The Easy Racer team

Gardner Martin of Easy Racers has accepted the invitation to compete in this years Speed Challenge, and will be doing speed tests in August to determine which vehicle to use in the actual event. Options include fielding either the Gold Rush, or the Double Gold Rush tandem streamliner. 

Tanya Markham and Mackie Martin with Double Gold Rush

Piloting the Gold Rush streamliner will be either the accomplished Fast Freddy Markham or the Easy Racers new team rider, Chris Springer. Chris is a former US junior national sprint champion on the national team, and still races as a hobby. According to Gardner, on the ergonometer at the Easy Racers facility, Chris pedals 2MPH faster than Freddy did when he was at his peak power. If they decide to race the Double Gold Rush, Freddy will captain, with Chris as the stoker. Testing in Colorado during August, 2001 showed that the potent team of Freddy and Chris were strong enough to push the Double Gold to near 70MPH in less than ideal conditions. They are confident that they can go faster at the Battle Mountain event.

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