Easy Racer Team information

The Matt Weaver team

Californian engineer Matt Weaver is refining his Kyle Edge video camera navigated streamliner, which last year garnered him the 2nd fastest time in history by clocking a speed of 69.47 mph (111.8 kph).  Matt is also looking for sponsors to allow him to build a new bike based on his extensively natural laminar flow aerodynamic theories that he feels will ultimately result in a quantum leap in speeds.

The 2001 Kyle Edge Streamliner

Matt is the only contender who has designed, built and will race his own streamliner, placing him at a disadvantage in terms of time needed to train for the event and get comfortable in the bike. Though disadvantaged, Matt is widely recognized as the technological leader in this race and this may be enough to give him the edge he will need.

Vehicle Statistics
Size - 9 feet four inches long, 19 inches wide, 36 inches high


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