Varna Team information

The Varna team

The International Human Powered Vehicle Association has approved Sam Whittingham's 72.75 mph (116.50kph) record set on the same course last October, while racing George Georgiev's Varna Mephisto. This year Canadian Sculptor George Georgiev has preparing a new bike, the Varna Diablo that will go even faster. Sam Whittingham has also dramatically increased the intensity of his preparation. Besides being even a smaller package than the 6 year old Mephisto, the Diablo has wheel wells with the wheels in separate air tight compartments to prevent air from the wheel holes from entering the interior of the bike.

The 2001 Varna Diablo

Vehicle Statistics
Size - 8 feet long, 16.5 inches wide, 30.5 inches high
Weight - 59 lbs


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