2001 World Human Powered Speed Championships Race Tuesday pictures

Tuesday October 2nd Racing Pictures
Pictures by Bill Cook, who stopped by the WHPSC for the Tuesday races.

A view of the 1 mile traps. The finish line is out of sight. The faster racers are traveling above 70MPH at this point. onemile1.jpg (19205 bytes)
diablo1.jpg (14980 bytes) Sam Whittingham in the Varna Diablo races through the 1 mile traps at over 70 MPH.
Freddy Markham and Chris Springer in the Double Gold Rush approach the 1 mile traps at about 65MPH.
bear2.jpg (20029 bytes) The Bearacuda approaches the 1 mile traps
The Bearacuda heads down the very long straight section of road, to the 200 meter traps in the far distance bear1.jpg (14547 bytes)
tanya1.jpg (18758 bytes) Tanya Markham in the Easy Racers Gold Rush LeTour approaches the 1 mile traps.
15 year old Tanya Markham poses in the Gold Rush LeTour at the motel in Battle Mountain. tanya3.jpg (29544 bytes)
diablo2.jpg (17015 bytes) Sam Whittingham talks with the media at the motel.
How do you air up the tires of a streamliner, in this case Gold Rush Le Tour? Lift the streamliner onto the shoulders of two men. Gardner Martin crawls inside with the air hose. Steve Delaire pumps. pump.jpg (38464 bytes)


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