2001 World Human Powered Speed Championships Race Results

Thursday October 4th Racing Reports

The incredible that seemed inevitable has been done. Sam Whittingham racing the Varna Diablo has set a new World Speed Record at 77.03 MPH ! for the 200M flying start. Monday's World Record time of 76.61 mph is now a backup for the record. Sam also set 2 more World records in the Flying start Mile and Kilometer at 72.63 MPH and 75.23 MPH Respectively. 

This brings great relief to a concerned but determined Varna team. The start time was pushed back 40 minutes today in order to try to take advantage of better wind conditions. Oddly wind conditions deteriorated almost immediately after Sam' s run. 

The Double Gold Rush backed up their record set on Monday with a legal 200M run of 65.56 MPH. However, Fast Freddy really screwed up by thinking that the 200M mark was the finish and he stopped pedaling and Chris Springer opened up the middle hatch over his head while still in the traps! Remarkably, they still went very fast. 

The Double Gold Rush dodged a huge bullet named Bearacuda which was timed at 67.96 mph in the 200 and 67.89 in the 1 kilo however they experienced illegal winds. If this speed was run during legal winds it would have exceeded the Double Gold Rush's record from Monday. The progress of this team is remarkable. Incidentally, I think I remember Tai Stillwater ( the team leader) telling me quite early in the week that the top speed of their vehicle is 68 MPH. 

Blueyonder showed up to race at last with a nice run of 61.67 mph. Their shimmy problem has been solved and Jason Queally is feeling more confident with every run. I think we will see another sizeable jump in speed tomorrow. The winds for Jason's runs were not legal. 

In this photo, Jason waits for his top before the Thursday run

Jason gets a warning from the nice police officer man.


Matt Weaver was still not able to get his bike completed in time. This puts him in a next-to impossible position for getting a legal wind record run and legal wind backup run before the event is over. I saw him being interviewed after the race, but did not get a chance to talk to him. 

This photo shows the front half of Matt Weaver's frame.

Composite covers completely surround the wheels on Matt's racer
Detail shot showing the remote fill tube on Matt's rear wheel.

This left another opportunity open for Fast Tanya Markham to get a run in. Running in near darkness she bumped up her 200M time .2 MPH to 47.56 MPH and hit 47.11 in the Kilo, but her wind was not legal 

The 1 Mile timing wire shorted out right before the event began, so no 1 mile runs were recorded. 

After calculating the wind speeds for the Bearacuda I can confirm that they have set 2 new world records in the Kilo and the Mile at 66.13 MPH and 65.95 MPH They do not have backups for these runs yet. 

After the runs we all went to a wonderful traditional dinner given to us by the local Basque club and paid for by many of the local businesses. Bill Gaines gave a great presentation on all the old HPV events from the 70's. There are some great photos that he is working on putting on a CD. Chris Broome presented some certificates of really old records that were never sent out to the Varna team and Jonathan Woolrich. One record was for the Double Gold Rush with Fast Freddy at the helm and Sam Whittingham as stoker. It dated back to 1993!!. OOPS, Sam's last name was misspelled on all of them. 

While I have a little soap box, I'd just like to say that the IHPVA's timing system is an old piece of junk that is horribly outdated. If some kind soul with a few thousand bucks would like to help our organization, this would be a great contribution to our sport. Media from around the world are videotaping truly embarrassing moments where officials are trying to decipher the information coming out of this thing. Contact me if you can help. 

We screwed around quite a bit Thursday at the airport. Freddy was racing around the taxiway in the Mephisto like he was born in it. It was a lot of fun. 


In this photo, Chris Springer Squeezes into the Varna.

It seems that Gardner has decided not to build any more bikes, but he would offer help to Freddy and Tanya if they wanted to take it up.


In this photo, Gardner Martin tries out the Varna.

- Sean Costin 

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