2001 World Human Powered Speed Championships Race Results

Tuesday October 2nd Racing Reports

Tuesday AM 
Just Spoke with Matt Weaver's Mother who was at the event last night. Apparently Matt will not compete tonight and he is still home working on the vehicle. She mentioned that he is missing some Teflon chain guides and is having to improvise. 

The Blueyonder vehicle is now running with the top on at the airport and Jason Queally is reportedly feeling more comfortable in the bike. 

I'm off to the shooting range. 

- Sean 

Tues Evening runs
Lots of disappointments today. Sam Whittingham went only 73.75, good enough for the backup run, but the winds were just barely to strong to be legal. 3 minutes later when the Double Gold Rush came through, the winds were within the legal limit. 

The roadside signage was blown down by truck winds and there was no time to correct the problem. This left all the teams feeling lost on the course and unsure of how to pace themselves. 

Blueyonder did not show today. They did run with the top at the airport this morning, but an unbalanced wheel made the bike unsafe. The wheel was properly balanced, but the airport was unable to accommodate them for another test run until 5pm. They decided not to risk it and they supposedly were testing at the airport while the other bikes raced. 

Matt Weaver had to remake some missing chain idlers. He is expected to leave from the San Francisco Bay area tonight. 

The Double Gold mistimed their run badly and went only 61.31 The Bearacuda was the only team to improve. They went 61.14 about .5 mile faster than yesterday. Tanya Markham Daughter of Freddy Markham rode the Gold Rush Letour. She went 45.42 mph in the 200M. The run was to familiarize herself with the course for a more serious attempt later in the week. 

Times were also taken for the mile today 
The wind speed calculations for the 1 mile were unfortunately taken using the wrong method, invalidating record performances. 200M wind speeds were accurate 

Tuesday's complete results: 

Vehicle / Rider 200 Meter time 200 Meter speed 1 Mile time  1 Mile speed
Varna Diablo / 
Sam Whittingham
6.03 Sec 74.24 MPH
(non legal winds) 
48.81Sec 73.79MPH
Double Gold Rush / 
Freddy Markham & Chris Springer 
7.18 Sec  62.31 MPH 58.81Sec 61.25 MPH 
Bearacuda / 
Lance Doherty & Andy Jacques-Maynes
7.32 Sec 61.14 MPH 60.31 Sec 59.72 MPH
Gold Rush LeTour / 
Tanya Markham 
9.85 Sec 45.42 MPH 96.87 Sec 37.18 MPH 

Tuesday racer launch photos:

Sam Whittingham in the varna Diablo gets launched for a 70MPH+ speed run
Freddy Markham & Chris Springer in the Easy Racers Double Gold getting taped in before launch
Lance Doherty & Andy Jacques-Maynes in the Bearacuda prepare for launch

Tanya Markham in the Gold Rush LeTour gets taped in before launching
Tanya Markham in the Gold Rush LeTour before launch

I caught the Varna team working on their bike outside their hotel room. I took a bunch of photos to document the design. George Georgiev welcomes anyone to use designs and ideas from his creation. I would like to go into more detail to explain each component, but I'm too short of time at the moment. For now you have these nice pictures.

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