2001 World Human Powered Speed Championships Race Results

Wednesday October 3rd Racing Reports

Wind conditions were again just over the legal limit. A very frustrating problem for all the teams who put in record level runs today. We are seeking a variance on our permit from the NDOT to run the bikes 1/2 hour later. 


Vehicle / Rider 200 Meter speed 1 Mile Speed
Varna Diablo / 
Sam Whittingham 
76.24 MPH non legal winds  72.63MPH
Double Gold Rush / 
Fred Markham & Chris Springer 
No times reported timing failure 
non legal winds rider estimate 66MPH 
Bearacuda / 
Andy Jaques-Maynes & Lance Doherty 
66.22 MPH non legal winds 65.95MPH
Blueyonder / Jason Queally  44.29 MPH non legal winds 43.56 MPH 
Gold Rush LeTour / 
Tanya Markham 
47.36 MPH legal winds 46.48MPH 

Sam Whittingham absolutely scorched the course once again into a combination head/ crosswind. Still no official backup run to the 5% rule. A petition to the Rules Committee is being drafted to make Sam's non legal wind runs count for backup. All racers and officials have already given their support for the motion. 

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The Bearacuda team impressed everyone with a speed in excess of the current World Record, but slightly less than the Double Gold Rush's wind legal run from Monday. These guys are an impressive team. It's going to be neck and neck in this category. 

Here's Andy and Lance scoping out the course before doing a 66MPH run.

The Bearacuda team readies the streamliner for launch.
Double Gold Rush

The Double Gold Rush was a victim of an antiquated timing system that needs replacement. The paper tape that prints out the time ran out and the unit does not save the time.

All their runs went un-timed.  

The best quote came from Freddy Markham who was referring to the Varna Team compared to the Double Gold Rush. "These guys are racing around in cruise missiles and I'm riding around in a blimp!" 
Freddy is going to take a test ride in the Varna Mephisto on Thursday morning at the airport.

The Blueyonder team finally got out on the course, but it sounds like they have a 40MPH shimmy problem. I suggested that it could be similar to the problem I had last year, which required a steering dampener. 

The Blueyonder team prepares to launch Jason Queally for a speed run.

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Front view of the Blueyonder streamliner

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Jason uses an umbrella to keep cool while Chris Fields waits for the signal that it is ok to launch.
The top half of the Blueyonder streamliner at demo day. 
Gold Rush LeTour

Tanya Markham is becoming the darling of the event and the media. This beautiful 15 year old is setting great times. She was actually faster than Jason Queally today. Her Godfather, Gardner Martin is seeing about a Junior record, though none currently exists to my knowledge. 

In this photo, Tanya prepares while the Double Gold gets taped in.

Gardner Martin readies Tanya for another speed run.

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Matt Weaver finally arrived 1/2 hour before the start. Fortunately he arrived just in time to provide a replacement timing tape at the finish. He is working on his bike tonight in a local garage. He says it's 99 percent that he will run tomorrow. 

Sean Costin 

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