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The Coslinger Team will be back with a vengeance after a one year hiatus. Sean Costin raced the Coslinger Special camera bike at the 2000 Battle Mountain event, then last year decided that he should concentrate on being the race director. 

New to the team is veteran HPV racer Frank Geyer. Frank has proven to be a fast sprinter, and is training hard for this event. Frank will alternate racing the Coslinger with Sean.

This year Charlie Ollinger has designed a new streamliner for the Coslinger team and Thom Ollinger will begin work on it in the Black World Labs soon. Sean and Frank will be racing the new speedbike if it is completed in time. 

The new Cos II bike is rumored to use the lastest in laminar flow technologies, as well as a super secret suspension system (S4). I'm hoping they release a rendering of the design soon... 

July 31 Update
 * As the Cos II project did not happen this year, Sean will be racing the Coslinger Special again in 2002. 
* In an unfortunate turn of events, Sean Costin crashed the Coslinger Special when the camera died during an HPRA race at the Northbrook Velodrome in July. Sean is recovering from his injuries and is hard at work repairing the extensive damage caused to the bike. 
* It was determined that Frank Geyer will not fit in the bike, Sean will be the sole rider.

Aug 30 update
Sean has repaired the damage to the Coslinger Special and is now concentrating on training. He's also contemplating some last minute tweaks like extending the nose and fairing the wheels. 

Sept 22 update
Sean has added a new nose section to the Coslinger special based on the computational fluid dynamics computer analysis performed by Charlie Ollinger, which makes the bike 4" longer. He has filled in the waves in the body, sanded a couple of pounds of body filler off of it, and painted it a photogenic spiffy blue. He's also working on the backup camera system in case of failure in the main camera system.

Coslinger Special at BM in 2000

Coslinger Special 2002





Coslinger Special 2002 - new nose, new paint


Coslinger Special Specs: 
Overall Length 119 inches
Widest Point 17 inches
Height 26 inches (body only)
Ground Clearance about 4 inches
Weight with seat, no wheels or frame 47 pounds

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