World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2001
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Last year Freddy Markham raced the aging Double Gold Rush tandem streamliner at Battle Mountain, and had his spirit for pedaling at high speeds rekindled. 

Since then Gardner Martin of Easy Racers has obtained Matt Weaver's "Virtual Edge" speedbike, and Freddy has been busy trying to win the Dempsey McCready prize with it. The bike, now renamed the Virtual Rush, while possibly the fastest streamliner ever created, is also very hard to handle, especially in cross winds. Because of this Freddy has experienced some spectacular high speed crashes.  As they only at race at Battle Mountain when the wind speeds are very low,  this may not be a problem, so Freddy has a good chance of breaking a new record at this years event.

Virtual Rush

Also racing for the Tour Easy Team, Freddy's teenage daughter Tanya Markham will be returning in the venerable Gold Rush Le Tour. Last year her highest speed was 50.86MPH. 

This year she will be one year older and stronger, and will be attempting to break the 200 meter women's record speed of 54.03MPH, which was set by Andrea Blaseckie at the "Worlds fastest bike" competition in 2000. 

Gardner readies Tanya at WHPSC2001

Vehicle Specs: None available

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