World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2001
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In 2001,  Jan van Eijden and the Whitehawk Team from Germany were invited to participate in the WHPSC, but declined the offer for a variety of reasons. This year they plan to bring two speedbikes. 

The Whitehawk is a proven design, and was ridden in 2002 to break the 1 Hour speed record in both men's and women's classes. In 2002 Lars Teutenberg broke his own record by traveling 51.22 miles (82.433km) in an hour, and Ellen van der Horst set a new record by riding 42.45 miles (68.325km) in an hour.

July 31 Update
The White Hawk team reports that they are definitely coming with 200M World Track Champion Jan Van Eiden.

Aug 30 update
The White Hawk team will be bringing two White Hawk speedbikes, one which will be raced by Jan Van Eiden, and the other which will be raced by Ladies' Recumbent World Hour record holder, Ellen van der Horst.


Vehicle Statistics
Weight:41 pounds, Height: 35 inches, Width: 18 inches.

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