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  • 11/13/02 - Updated the results page to include the wind speed legality of all runs, as well as the wind speed rules.
    Updated the Friday Results page to include a video by Bill Cook of the Barracuda cruising through the traps.
    10/18/02 - Updated the Saturday's results page, added a couple more pictures, fixed the contrast on a few pictures, added a movie clip of Sam making his 81MPH pass.
  • 10/15/02 - added pictures from Richard Johnston to the Pictures page
  • 10/14/02 - Updated the results page with links to sites with more pictures
    It looks like the Battle Mountain SR 305 course will not be resurfaced in the near future. They want us to keep coming! Plans now are for the chip seal job to be skipped, and for the resurface job with another super smooth surface to be moved up from 2008 to around 2004. The fastest man competition lives!
  • 10/11/02 - Added WHPSC in retrospect to the bottom of the results page
  • 10/02 -> 10/05 - See the Results page and the daily results pages from there to find out what's happening at Battle Mountain. I'm staying up late every night after a day of racing, then posting the results the next day. Shar Peterson of the Battle Mountain chamber of commerce has been very nice and is letting me update the site using her Internet connection, as we were unable to get one.
  • 10/01/02 - Posted Tuesday's results and pictures and started the table of results
  • 10/01/02 - Posted Monday's results and pictures
  • 9/30/02 - AM - We arrived yesterday and people are pretty much all here. Varna team, Rotator team, the Mango team, Coslinger team and other were here last night. We hear that Gardner Martin is broken down somewhere in California. Also just in, Matt Weaver has arrived and is working on his bike in Shar's garage. More Later.... Time for the 10:30AM racers meeting!
  • 9/26/02 - All systems are go for an exciting week of speedbike racing! 
    All racers must meet at the Battle Mountain Civic Center at 10:30AM for a mandatory racers meeting.

    There are rumors that the Rt. 305 course is due for a resurfacing, and that the new surface may not be good for racing, so this may be the last chance to race at BM for a couple of years.
    Bram Moens has decided he needs to build bikes instead of race and will not be attending.
    Updated the Coslinger racer profile
    Freddy Markham will be racing Steve Delair's new Rotator streamliner
    Dean Pederson will be racing a Rotator Coyote
  • 9/24/02 - Updated the Varna racer profile 
    Warren Beauchamp will be going to battle Mountain after all, and will be racing the Barracuda streamliner.
    8/30/02 - Updated the racer profiles with the latest info.
  • 8/27/02 - Garrie Hill has proposed to have two days of HPRA style racing on Friday and Saturday of Battle Mountain Week. The idea was to give observers of the top speed runs (10 riders each evening) something to do during the days. He needs to get a count of how many people propose to come and participate in the two days of racing. If he doesn't get enough replies, we'll ONLY do the .deciMach top speed runs. Please email him at only if you think you WILL PARTICIPATE in the HPRA racing.

    Frank Geyer will not be racing at this year's Battle Mountain, as he could not be shoehorned into a proper speedbike. After a crash at the Brantford IHPSC races, Robert Wood has decided not to attend. On a positive note, Joe Kochinowski will be racing a Varna bodied streamliner of his own construction, and Steve Delair will be racing the "Frankenstein" Rotator streamliner. It looks like there will be a bunch of other faired and unfaired class racers showing up for the HPRA races and the spectacle of 80MPH human powered speed bikes as well. 
  • 8/12/02 - Created new racer information page with event information. Updated various pages.
  • 7/31/02 - Racer profiles have been updated with the latest news. The blue yonder team has faded into the wild err... distance, and will not be attending. All other teams plan on attending. Racers who are planning on going to the qualifier event and HPRA races - Rob English in the Mango, Bram Moens in M5 #8 (possibly).
  • 6/5/02 - Veteran UK HPV racer, and world traveler Rob English will be a new Battle Mountain contender this year, and will be racing the newly built Kingsbury Streamliner. Rob is confident he will go faster than the last year's highly touted but disappointing UK attempt. 

    Frank Geyer has jumped teams, and will now be racing Garrie Hill's M5 #8 streamliner at this year's Battle Mountain event. Frank says that Bram Moens (M5 owner/racer) may even show up with his own #8 streamliner.

    An attempt may be made by another of the WhiteHawk teams. This year's WHPSC looks to be a huge event!

    Garrie Hill is going out to meet again with battle Mountain officials Shar and Doug next week to finalize details.

    Garrie says: 
    1) The "frontage road" past the airport was just repaved. Assuming that it is asphalt and not chip seal, we'll most likely use it for the 200 m sprints/Rt. 305 qualifiers/drag races. I would rather have a certain location
    tied down than depend on an uncertain event at the airport. We also have another backup location with the route northwest out of town. I think, Aotbe, the frontage road will be better since we can get a full two mile run-up before the traps.
    2) It's looking more likely that we will be able to have three half hour sessions each evening on Rt 305. I'd use the newly added third session (actually the earliest time wise) for any "testing" that the real fast  folks want, as well as introductory for the newly qualified.

  • 4/15/02 - Added information about invited racers, and general racing information to the racer info page.
  • 4/5/02 - 2002 WHPSC web site up and running!
    Sean Costin and Garrie Hill are working hard to hammer together a schedule of events for what is sure to be an exciting weekend. This year, in addition to the "Main Attraction" of the 200 Meter races,  there will be a full schedule of HPRA races including possible circuit races, sprints, and time trials in the vicinity of Battle Mountain. An alternate high speed location has been located to allow prospective WHPSC competitors to battle for the rights to race with the world class speed bikes on SR 305. This years .decimach challenge will  be run at this event, with the winning speed set to 82 MPH to adjust the previous 75 MPH goal for the favorable site conditions. The prize for the .decimach challenge is currently $24,000 USD, or $1000 to the fastest bike if no one wins it. This year only the 200 meter times will be recorded, no 1 mile or 1 kilometer times.

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