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Pictures courtesy of Richard Johnston, depicting a typical evening out on SR 305 during the WHPSC 2002 competition. Wordage by Warren.
Racer Sean Costin and Volunteer Johnathan Woolrich prepare to launch speedbikes down SR 305.
George Georgiev smiles for the camera.
Andrea Blasecki warms up on an Optima recumbent.
Sean Costin shows Andrea her starting position
John Weaver seals the rear wheel pod on his son Matt's speedbike.
Dean Pederson and Orin inspect Steve Delair's Big Gun streamliner.
A Nevada Department of Transportation employee prepares to shut down SR 305, which is the main North - South highway in Nevada. 
Sam Whittingham joins Andrea in warming up for the 5 mile sprint to the timing traps. Sam's rocket bike, the Varna Diablo II waits on the truck.
Orin and Steve make some last minute adjustments to the Big Gun
Steve tapes his streamliner back together in preparation for launching.
Chase vehicles, streamliners, racer and volunteers fill the gravel pit access road at the starting line
Andrea's speedbike, the Varna Mephisto, is carried to the starting line.
Andrea gets in the bike and gets small so that the top can get fitted over her.
Neil Carson fits the back of the Mephisto together, while Sean adjusts the front. The top is locked and taped in place. She's ready to go!
Andrea is launched by hand.
Off she goes on a world record 64MPH run.
At the end of the run, Andrea is extracted from the bike.
Andrea Blaescki, a tired but happy world record holder.
The White Hawk comes in from a run, with chase vehicle in hot pursuit.
Whoa! Catch the bike before it falls over!
Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda comes into the catching area after another run.
Sean opens the lid on the 'Cuda after Warren makes another 3 point landing. The 'Cuda may not be the fastest bike here, but it's the most practical. It raced every day in all weather, and started and stopped without launchers and catchers.
Freddy Markham is extricated from the Double Gold after the bike went over while being caught.
Garrie Hill's timing system waits for the next racer at the end of the 200 meter traps
Michelle, the Battle Mountain high school physics teacher, checks the racers speed on Paul Gracy's timing system. Michelle was one of the many wonderful volunteers who helped make the event possible.
Volunteers at the end of the 200 meter traps watch a racer come up the road.
Sam Whittingham flies up the course, while dusk settles on the high mountain plains.
The Bearacuda (UrsaCuda) makes a 68MPH pass by the finish traps.
The brightly colored Mango tries to outdo the colors of the desert at dusk, while it's rider Rob English makes a high speed finish.


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