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HPRA Races and Speed Challenge Qualifier
For the first time this year, qualifier events will be run on an alternate course to allow racers to compete for the right to run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and if they are among the fastest qualifiers, they will be able to race on SR 305. Currently two positions are open to qualifiers.

The qualifier runs are to be held Monday through Friday mornings. In order to qualify for a Rt. 305 run, you will need to go 80% of a pace run that Sam Whittingham will run on the airport frontage road. This newly repaved course features a 2 mile run up, then 200 Meter traps, then a 3/8 mile shutdown area. This road is very straight and flat with a slight curve. Qualification for women will be at a smaller percentage of Sam's pace

HPRA races will be held on Friday and Saturday (see schedule of events). Don't be intimidated, come race with us!

WHPSC Schedule of Events:

Monday through Thursday 
8:30am: Qualification runs at the airport frontage road. These are for anyone who wants to run on the highway 305 course, but that has not previously run at Battle Mountain. 
Last 1.5 hours before Sunset:
Top IHPVA record and .decimach speed runs will be run each evening on Rt 305 during the last 1.5 hours before sunset.
8:30am: Qualification runs and HPRA 200 meter sprint races at the airport frontage road.
HPRA 1/8 mile drag racing on the airport access road.
Last 1.5 hours before Sunset:
Top IHPVA record and .decimach speed runs will be run on Rt. 305 during the last 1.5 hours before sunset.
8:30am: HPRA Criterion race with turns on 1/2 mile course at airport. HPRA Last man out race. HPRA Standing start hot lap race.
Last 1.5 hours before Sunset:
Top IHPVA record and .decimach speed runs will be run on Rt 305 during the last 1.5 hours before sunset.
After Speed runs: Dinner and awards ceremony for all racers at the city building. 

Other Activities:
As in past years, the city of Battle Mountain does it's best to keep things interesting for the racers. As all of the racing happens in the mornings and evenings, there is a large chunk of time in the afternoons to find other entertainment. During the week the racers will enjoy:

  • A tour of the gold mine.
  • A day at the shooting range. 
  • Bike riding amongst the scenic volcanic geology.
  • A rodeo.
  • One evening will feature a dinner sponsored by the local Basque Shepherds Organization, with ethnic foods and cultural entertainment.

While spectators are free, racers need to pony up some cash for the privilege of racing. 
HPRA races - $50
Rt. 305 Qualification runs - $50
Actual run on Rt. 305 - $150

The main motel for the event is:
Best Inn and Suites 
Phone: (775) 635-5200. 
Address: 650 W. Front St. Battle Mountain NV 89820

The event will be held on stretch of HWY 305 about 14 miles south of Battle Mountain, Nevada. which is located on HWY 80 about 219 miles Northeast of Reno, NV and 301 miles West of Salt Lake City.

The closest commercial airport is in Reno, Nevada. Once there you can rent a car and take a speedy 2 hour trip to Battle Mountain. 

The event will start at approximately 5:30 pm on Monday September 30th. Any daily cancellations due to weather will be available on the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce telephone at 775-635-8245.


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