World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2001
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The World Human Powered Speed Championships are an invitational event, and the fastest speedbike teams in the world have been invited to race in this year's event. Here are the teams that have been invited:

Blue Yonder
Easy Racer
Matt Weaver

Additional Racer info:
Also for the first time this year, qualifier events will be run on an alternate course to allow racers to compete for the right to run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and if they are among the fastest qualifiers, they will be able to race on SR 305. Currently two positions are open to qualifiers.

In addition to the speedbike teams listed above, the following riders/vehicles are planning to attend the HPRA events, or make qualification runs:

Rob English in the Kingsbury Mango streamliner
Joe Kochinowski in a Varna bodied streamliner 
Steve Delair in a Rotator streamliner
Dean Pederson in a Rotator Coyote
Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda
Fast Freddy Markham in Steve Delair's new mystery steamliner

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