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2002 WHPSC Friday Racing Results
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whpsc2002-drags-goldrush-sm.jpg (7413 bytes) Friday morning dawned wet, so we didn't start the HPRA races until noon to give the things a chance to dry out. The abbreviated schedule called for just drag races on the airport access road.

In this picture, Fast Freddy Markham in the Gold Rush Colorado, out-accelerates Steve Delair in his Lycra and Coroplast commuter streamliner.

Rob English races his Bike Friday folding bike to take the overall win by over a bike length.

A couple other people showed up for the HPRA races including Joe Kochinowski and a college team, both with streamliners.

After the drag races, some of went to rodeo demo that Jim and Shar Peterson organized just for the bike racers. We saw some roping, bucking horse riding, and saw a cowboy get bucked off a bull and land on his head. Yeow!

whpsc2002-drags-robenglish-sm.jpg (7224 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-lineup-sm.jpg (9223 bytes) Streamliners line up for the sprints on SR 305. Six streamliners went in this group, then 5 more went in the second group after letting some cars through. Andrea Blasecki was first to launch in the Varna Mephisto at 5:30pm.

Winds did not calm down at dusk as they had on previous days, but were low enough to race safely. Temps were in the lower 60s. Garrie Hill made sure to have an ambulance on site after yesterday's excitement with the Mango. Fortunately everybody got in good runs, including Matt Weaver who made a 73. 419MPH run (sorry no pictures yet!).

Andrea takes off to back up yesterday's 64.74 MPH women's record run. Today she went 62.27MPH which is close enough for a backup run. This should be a new women's world record! Everybody went slower today because the winds were head winds. whpsc2002-sprints-mephisto-sm.jpg (7172 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-whitehawk-sm.jpg (8153 bytes) Ellen Van Der Horst gets launched in the White Hawk for her 200 meter sprint. Ellen went through the traps at 56.03 MPH.

Jan Van Eijden in the Blue White Hawk also turned in a slower than usual speed, at 64.519 MPH.

Tanya Markham, and Mackie Martin take Tanya's spot in the lineup to attempt a new junior Tandem record. They pull it off by going 53.483 MPH!

Gardner Martin brought 4 streamliners to this event, plus a couple Tour Easy's. That was one packed trailer...

whpsc2002-sprints-doublegold-sm.jpg (8102 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-biggun-sm.jpg (8143 bytes) Steve Delair takes the Big Gun out for a run, and goes through the traps at 57.99MPH. Steve has this brand new streamliner working nicely now, and he's turning very consistent times.
Sean Costin has a mis-start, and crashes into the gravel in his camera navigated Coslinger Special.

These higher complexity camera bikes are sort of like home run hitters in baseball. They strike out a lot, but when they connect, they go like stink.


whpsc2002-sprints-seancrash-sm.jpg (15461 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-coslinger-sm.jpg (9126 bytes) Sean's crew dumps the gravel out, puts the chain back on, and Sean gets a good launch.

Sean has spent the whole week getting this bike to a point where it's race-able, and it was really good to see him make a run. His speed was only 60.097MPH, but that's not bad at all for a first run of the week.

The Dust Devil finally got a run in too, and went through the traps at a respectable 51.33 MPH.

Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner runs through the traps at 56.24 MPH, while spinning in top gear at about 130 RPM.

Here's a video by Bill Cook of Warren making a pass through the traps (745KB). 

Note the wobble caused by the high RPMs. To keep a streamliner running smooth, it's best to keep the RPMs down to about 90.


Picture by Charlie Webster
The Friday races went like clockwork, with slower times, but no mishaps. Matt Weaver, who has been holed up in the Peterson's garage all week says he was not pushing too hard and should be able to go faster tomorrow. Saturday may be the fastest day for everyone, as temps are expected to be warmer tomorrow. I need to do a bunch of work on the 'Cuda tomorrow, including locking out the front suspension, which is pogoing like crazy when I am spinning at way over 100 RPM to try to get to 60MPH, truing my back wheel, in which many of the spokes were so loose you could see all the threads, and some other stuff.

After the races and the post race meeting, Bill Gaines of the HPVA narrated an interesting slide show of many vehicles from the 1980's IHPVA race events.  I didn't see it though, as I had to go back to the hotel and slave away in front of the computer...


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