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2002 WHPSC Saturday Racing Results
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whpsc2002-lmo-robenglish-sm.jpg (5472 bytes) Rob English takes a corner in the 1 lap individual TT on his Bike Friday folder. Rob won the race. Rob also won the award for the fastest man on one foot afer showing his prowess in hopping around and up and down the bleachers at the rodeo at high speed. The streamer on his head is left over from a series of shots that the Smithsonian group was taking to show the aerodynamic streams flowing around different bikes by taping on streamers to various parts of the rider and bike.
Warren Beauchamp crosses the finish line after the 1 lap TT. Warren is racing the bike inside the Barracuda streamliner. 

I think that Rob won the 1 lap TT, followed by Steve Delair, then me (Warren).


Photo by Gabriel Devault
whp2002-lmo-streamliners-sm.jpg (5697 bytes) The streamliner crowd cruises around the track at the Battle Mountain airport during the start of the last man out race. The green streamliners is (I think) the UNLV racer, which looked very nice but was a bit flexy.
Steve Delair in his practical streamliner leads fast Fred Markham in the Goldrush Colorado during the last man out race. Steve was able to lean waaaay over in the corners of the tight track, but leaned a bit too far and crashed, letting Freddy win. whpsc2002-lmo-steve-n-fred-sm.jpg (6147 bytes)
whpsc2002-sat-varnowski.jpg (4715 bytes) Joe Kochinowski cruises around the taxiway in his Varna-bodied homebuilt streamliner. The bike inside the streamliner is a dual 20 inch front wheel drive lowracer of Joe's own design. The body is fiberglass with a Nomex honeycomb core in the high stress areas.
Steve did beat Freddy during the road race in a very exciting bumper car finish around the twisty course through the aircraft tie down area, followed by Rob and me.
Photo by Gabriel Devault
whpsc2002-sat-varnowski2-sm.jpg (6651 bytes) Joe pauses for a picture after the last HPRA race.
This is the IHPVA side of the table at the pizza place for lunch. People are (left to right) Bill, Paul Gracy and Chester Kyle. Chester Kyle was one of the people who founded the IHPVA during the late 1970s as a group to organize HPV speed events. Paul ran the IHPVA timing equipment for the secondary backup speeds and wind speeds. whpsc2002-pizza-ihpva-sm.jpg (11592 bytes)

Photo by Gabriel Devault
Easy Racers team racers Mackie Martin and "Turbo" Tanya Markham pose for a shot behind the hotel before packing it up to head out to the SR 305 course.
At the last night of racing out on Rt. 305, the WhiteHawk team launches team captain Giudo Martens in the Blue White Hawk. Later that evening, Chester Kyle presented them with a check for $2500 for increasing the one hour record by over 3%, as part of the Dempsy McCready prize. The main prize of $25,000 for the first bike to average 90 kilometers an hour (about 56 MPH) for an hour expires in October 2003! whpsc2002-sprints-bluewhitesat.jpg (6243 bytes)

Photo by Charlie Webster
Mackie Martin does a 60MPH run in the Virtual Rush, setting a new junior men's 200 meter speed record.

Sean Costin got a decent run in, but due to some miscommunications, it was decided that Sean had crashed and his run was not timed. Later, and approximate unofficial speed of 70MPH was determined through manually timing video of Sean passing through the traps. Great forensic work by Paul Gracy!

Sam Whittingham in the Varna Diablo during his 81.00 MPH run. Sam won $1000 for his first place effort during this week's events, but fell short of winning the .decimach prize by 1 MPH. Sam did increase his last year's speed by 0.45 MPH. The temperature was warmer at about 70 degrees on Saturday. Speeds would have been faster this year if the temperatures were about 15 degrees higher, as they were last year.

Click here for a quicktime movie of Sam's 81MPH pass by the timing traps (best with sound!) by Garrie Hill.

whpsc2002-sprintssat-diabloII.jpg (5643 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-kyleedge-sm.jpg (4928 bytes) Matt Weaver in the Kyle Edge turns in a 55 MPH run on the last day of racing due to problems with something rubbing after several mis-launches caused a shift in the fairing. Matt has a new bike that is nearly finished, which will look similar to the Virtual Edge, and will be a major refinement over the Kyle Edge. This will allow him to get ready to go without a 15 minute tape job, and should be a faster bike overall.
After the races was the awards banquet at the steak house. Prizes were passed out to the .decimach winners, Sam Whittingham 1st- $1000, Matt Weaver 2nd - $500, Bearacuda team 3rd - $250. Chet Kyle then spoke and presented the White Hawk team with the Dempsy McReady prize for significantly increasing the speed for the 1 hour record. Tanya Markham and Markie Martin were presented with prizes for breaking the women's and men's junior 200 meter speed records. Andrea Blasecki was presented with a prize for breaking the women's 200 meter speed record. In addition, Rob English was presented with a prize for fastest ambulation on one leg, after showing his prowess hopping up the steps of the grandstand during the rodeo demonstration.

See you all next year!


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