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2002 WHPSC Thursday Racing Results
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whpsc2002-qual-dustdevil-sm.jpg (10722 bytes) At the morning qualifier runs, the Dust Devil prepares for it's maiden voyage. This streamliner was conceived, designed, and built all in the space of just two months.  They made a 32.49 MPH run without the top on due to issues with fitting the rider in the vehicle with the top on.  As with most new vehicles, there were some teething problems, but they should be back tomorrow ready to go for it again.
The Rotator Frankenstein makes a qualifier run on the frontage road at 40.524 MPH.

For the last couple of days we used a new section of the road to allow a two mile runup and still avoid the cattle guards, which are sort of like drain gratings on steroids.

whpsc2002-qual-frankenstein-sm.jpg (6319 bytes)
whpsc2002-qual-virtualrush-sm.jpg (5980 bytes) Mackie Martin does a qualifier run in the newly repaired Virtual Rush. Mackie did a 46.028 MPH run, and I barely edged him out in the Barracuda at 46.218MPH. Later Gardner Martin chastised me for beating up on a teenager. Gardner describes this bike as "evil" because it is so sensitive to crosswinds, and is considering performing an exorcism.

Steve Delair in the "Big Gun" went 47.62MPH to beat me. Giudo in the WhiteHawk beat us all by going 49.056MPH to get the top position in the SR 305 "slow" group.

Ellen Van Der Horst gets ready to take a couple laps around the motel parking lot in the White Hawk Chassis. Ellen didn't feel very well today, so Giudo raced the White White Hawk on SR 305 to pull off a 62.66MPH run.

In the same parking lot the Varna crew were hard at work improving the ventilation system to allow Sam to go fast and breath, all at the same time. Apparently the idea of sending air spun off the back wheel into the breathing mask does not work so well. This was confirmed by the WhiteHawk team, who had tried the same thing earlier.

whpsc2002-whitehawk-chassis-sm.jpg (11359 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprint-varnacatcher-sm.jpg (7214 bytes) Thursday evening, temps were in the lower 60s, and the winds were once again cooperative.

At the evening races out on SR 305, Sam Whittingham comes in after a smoking 79.465MPH run. Catchers prepare to grab him as they slow down. One catcher wore a flashing safety vest to show the racers who to aim for.


Sam gasps for air after the catching crew gets the top off the Varna Diablo II. The crew had a hard time getting the top off due to a sticking locking pin.   How many crew does it take to extricate a racer from a streamliner? Hmm.

Sam later said that he was on his scripted marks for an 85 MPH run, but when he reached the final push he was at 79 and couldn't push it any harder. George Georgiev later mentioned that the Varna runs much faster in warmer weather (last year's record run was in 80 degree temps). Interestingly, he said that Matt Weaver's Kyle Edge is better in cool air.

whpsc2002-sprint-extractingsam-sm.jpg (11386 bytes)
whpsc2002-sprints-jancatcher-sm.jpg (6447 bytes) Jan Van Eijden in the Blue White Hawk slows down after a 67.480 MPH run, and prepares to be caught.
As dusk falls, Jan is extracted from the streamliner. Jan has been running very consistent times in these races.  whpsc2002-sprints-extractingjan-sm.jpg (11728 bytes)
whpsc2002-postrace-tanya-sm.jpg (10183 bytes) Tanya poses next to the Gold Rush LeTour after her SR 305 run. She felt good enough for a race today, and turned a 52.143 MPH run. This just shows how fast a 16 year old can bounce back from being very sick.
Once again, today's races were not without their share of thrills and spills. Sean Costin, who has been working hard to get the Coslinger Special ready to race, made it 100 feet into his sprint before shutting down the run with video problems. Sean installed a brand new video system into his vehicle after the old one suffered a massive failure. Sean also made some very nice wheel fairings for the bike, to clean up the area on the bottom of the bike around the wheels. Matt Weaver in the Kyle Edge suffered a rapidly deflating rear tire at 74MPH, but was able to safely bring the bike down to 5MPH on a rear flat before falling over. Rob English in the Mango suffered a spectacular crash as the bike went into a wild oscillation at 70+ MPH at the timing traps, crashed, slid through the traps, off the road, through the gravel and finally ended up wedged under a mini van that was parked too close to the road. Rob came out of it with a cut under his eye and on his forehead. Matt Weaver's Father, an emergency room doctor looked him over and found him in good condition otherwise. The bike is a bit scraped up, but should be ready to race again after a bunch of sanding and a windshield replacement.  Neither of the two camera bikes has had a good run yet this week. Hopefully tomorrow with be a better day for them both. Hey! I went 58 MPH today in the 'Cuda! I was spinning at about 130 RPM. Yeow! I need a bigger chainring! 

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