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Sean Costin raced the Coslinger Special in 2002 and was able to crank it up to 70MPH. The team will be back again this year.

Sean is recruiting a new rider to pilot the Coslinger Special for Battle Mountain 2003. The Cos Special has been refitted with a Varna canopy replacing the camera, and a much more upright position for higher power and more controllability. 

New to the team is veteran HPV racer Frank Geyer. Frank has proven to be a fast sprinter, and is training hard to be the new pilot for the Coslinger team. Frank will need a new streamliner, as he does not fit in the current Coslinger Special.

The new streamliner has been designed by Charlie Ollinger, and  is being built by a host of specialized contributors. The new Cos II speedbike will utilize the latest in laminar flow technologies, a multi link front suspension, and multiple redundant camera systems is now under construction.

7/30 update
The latest news is that Thom Ollinger will be racing the Coslinger Special for 2003. The CosII speedbike has only begun to be built at this point, so (barring any miracles!), it will not be ready for this years event.

Coslinger Special at BM in 2002

Cos II rendering

Coslinger Special Specs: 
Overall Length 119 inches
Widest Point 17 inches
Height 26 inches (body only)
Ground Clearance about 4 inches
Weight: 75 pounds

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