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Easy Racers Team
In 2002 the Easy Racers team racked up some impressive records in the Junior categories. Mackie Martin set a new Junior men's record at 60.75MPH in the Virtual Rush speedbike. Tanya Markham did quite well to set a Junior Women's record at 52.295 MPH in the Gold Rush LeTour, despite battling a nasty case of the flu all week.

Gardner Martin and the rest of the Easy Racers crew will be back again in 2003. Mackie Martin seems to have gotten the hang of controlling the Virtual Rush camera speedbike at high speeds, and though he'll be too old to run as a Junior, if he continues to train hard he has a good chance of breaking a record. Tanya Markham will no longer be a Junior either, and the Gold Rush LeTour doesn't have much of a chance of breaking the current 64.5 MPH record. Will she race the Virtual rush? Will Gardner build her a Virtual Clone of the Virtual Rush?

7/30 update
The Easy racers team will be returning this year with Mackie Martin piloting the Virtual Rush.

Virtual Rush at BM in 2002 - Photo by Charles Webster

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