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Matt Weaver
The Matt Weaver Team
In 2002, Matt Weaver came close to finishing a new speedbike, but had to fall back to his trusty Kyle Edge video camera navigated speedbike at the last minute when it became apparent he would not complete the new bike in time. As a result he was not ready to race until late in the week and only got one problem free run in at 73.4MPH.

For 2003, Matt has completed that new speedbike. This new bike is based on the Virtual Edge,and is called the Cutting Edge II. It has been modified to accommodate dual 26" tubular tires, and a dual stage 27-speed chain/high torque belt drivetrain. This new bike has a carbon fiber frame/forks/fixed wheel covers and a beautiful red paint job.

Matt is currently using this bike to attempt to the break 1 hour speed record and win the Dempsey-MccCready prize, which expires this September.

Matt is also looking for sponsors to allow him to build another new bike based on his extensively natural laminar flow aerodynamic theories that he feels will ultimately result in a quantum leap in speeds.

2003 Cutting Edge II at Mojave, CA test track

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