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At the 2002 WHPSC,  top Euro-athletes Jan Van Eijden and Ellen Van Der Horst propelled the Whitehawk team's speedbikes to 67.480 MPH and 62.66 MPH respectively. 

These were extremely high speeds for the relative size of the Whitehawk streamliner. Team leader Guido Mertens vowed to be back with a new smaller (faster!) streamliner. 

6/23 update:
The Whitehawk team has not yet developed a new vehicle, but they have done some tweaking  to the old bike and have been doing more 1 hour record attempts with that vehicle. Currently the Whitehawk team is not planning to attend the 2003 WHPSC.

On the other hand, Ellen Van Der Horst has expressed interest in returning this year to capture the top women's speed and may be piloting an M5 #8 streamliner.

7/30 update
The White Hawk team is planning to return this year! They will be racing a single White Hawk speedbike, with a yet-unnamed rider.

8/18/03 update
The White Hawk team sent a message saying that they had decided in January not to race at Battle Mountain this year.

Ellen Van der Horst will not be there because the bike she was to ride will not be coming.

2002 Whitehawk Vehicle Statistics
Length: About 9 feet
Height: 35 inches
Width: 18 inches
Weight:41 pounds


Ellen Van Der Horst being launched at BM 2002

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