WHPSC2003 Pictures by Larry Lem
WHPSC2003 Pictures by Larry Lem     Comments by Warren
Bill Patterson's Pimp ride, Larry Lem's homebuilt commuter, and Paul Gracey's Counterpoint Opus, lined up next to the Comfort Inn Motel.
The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum. Bombs for every purpose!
Eivie fairing halves line the hallway of the Comfort Inn (4 halves). Damjan applies sponsor
decals to one of them.
Racers line up for the start of the races on Thursday
Fred Markham prepares to make his run on Thursday. 
Fred Markham squeezes into the Varna Mephisto. 
Steve Delaire prepares to run Thursday in the Big Gun. 
Sam Whittingham positions himself in the cramped confines of the Diablo II.
Sam Whittingham looks serious, preparing to race on Thursday, as Andrea looks on.
Sam waits while he is taped in.
The tape is smoothed down and the seams are checked 
Sam is launched with the aid of a breakaway skate wheel takeoff gear.

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