WHPSC 2003 Pictures by Brad Tuebner
WHPSC 2003 Pictures by Brad Teubner
Jeff Bales races the Lunatic Fringe speedbike on Sr 305
Steve Delair races the Big Gun speedbike on Sr 305
 Steve Delair takes a qualifier run on the test road 
 Charlie Ollinger races the club racer on SR 305
Dean Pederson races the Coyote practical streamliner on S.R 305
Matt Weaver and Dean Pederson racing during the airport lap races. 
 The Eivie and Virtual Rush speedbike halves, lined up in the hotel hallway.
Left to Right, Fred Markham, Sam Whittingham, and George Georgiev.
Joe Kochinowski and Steve work on Joe's Varva clone at the hotel. 
The lap race at the airport starts! 
The Varna and Weaver streamliners all packed up on their respective vehicles. 

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