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  • 10/11/02 - See the reports from Carole Leone on the BM 2003 Volunteers and the BM 2003 donations and cash awards.
  • 10/2/03 - Updated the pictures page with more great images from the event
  • 9/22/03 - The HPV Speed Racing is done for another year... SEE THE RESULTS!
    Highlights and lowlights:
    1) A new European record was set by the Eivie team (subject to HPVA approval...).
    2) Over $1600 in donated prizes were awarded to the race winners.
    3) Matt Weaver was unable to race all week due to development issues with his computer assisted steering.
    4) Sam Whittingham crashed at over 80MPH and walked away unscathed.
    5) Several racers including Joe Kochinowski, Fred Markham, Thom Ollinger, and Rob Wood set personal best speeds.
  • 9/15/03 - Racing is underway! See the Results pages for updates!
  • 9/09/03 - If anyone on the list would like to donate to a cash prize at the Challenge this year, please send it to 

    WHPSC Prize
    c/o Shar Peterson
    Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce
    Post Office Box 333
    Battle Mountain, NV 89820

    Mail it so that it gets there before the 19th of September. Make the check payable to "Carole Leone" so I can cash it there and give the money out at the Saturday awards party.
  • 9/03/03 - Updated the Race Info page, the Spectator Info page, and the WHPSC Home page. Please review these pages for the latest info. Everything is "Go" for another exciting event!
  • 8/20/03 - Updated the Race Information page. Racers please read this, and note that this will be updated again as soon as the updated IHPVA rules (which this event will be run under) have been created.
  • 8/18/03 - News Statement
    In 1993 a small group of people brought high speed human powered vehicles to a long, straight road in Colorado. The goal was to break the 200 meter speed record and to see who was fastest. In 2003, we are doing the same thing, except the speeds have gone from 63 mph to 81 mph!

    There won't be prize money this year (.deciMach or other). Instead we are returning for the same reasons that we did 10 years ago: break records and go fast. This special gathering of people who love streamlined bicycles
    grows bigger every year as more people try to build and/or ride the best bike of the year. 

    This year's speed challenge will have all the excitement and fun as before. What I valued most about the 1993 Colorado Speed Challenge was the opportunity to really get to talk to people I had only heard of before. And these friendships have lasted through the years. New and old friendships, seeing new designs and new ideas,
    watching incredible speed runs and being part of it all -- THAT's what Battle Mountain is all about.

    The design of the event will change somewhat; how depends on the number of racers expecting to compete and how many volunteers we have to deploy. I do not yet know if the entry fee will remain the same. I need to work out an event budget first.

    Please watch this website for more details as they get sorted out.

    I'd like to thank the following people so far who have volunteered to help this year (in alphabetical order)

    Tom Amick, Ron Anderson, Barney Bauer, Warren Beauchamp, Chris Broome, Bill Cook, Ray Elledge, Jason Erickson, Ryan Fowler, Bill Gaines, David Gissen, Paul Gracey, Jeff Hunn, Al Krause, Alice Krause, Dave Larrington, Larry Lem, George Leone, Marisa Nelson, Bill Patterson, Nate Saicheck, Brad Teubner, Scott Wilson, Jonathan Woolrich

    If you're planning on coming and would like to be added to the list, please e-mail me at!

    Carole Leone, Event Coordinator
  • 8/15/03 - Garrie Hill will not be running the WHPSC this year, and because of that, there will be no .decimach prize. Carole Leone and others are working hard to keep the event alive. It will take some work, as there are many issues that need to be resolved, but it sounds like the event will be run as scheduled!
  • 8/13/03 - This note was posted by Garrie Hill on 8/13/03:
    Due to difficulties, the .deciMach Prize will not be run at Battle Mountain 2003. Please check the Battle Mountain webpage for further updates. -Garrie Hill
    Also because of this, Ellen Van Der Horst will not be racing this year, as she was planning to race Garrie's M5 #8 streamliner.
  • 7/30/03 - Updated racer info and individual racer pages
  • 7/09/03 - A new forum for the discussion of WHPSC topics in now available.
  • 6/23/03 - Garrie returned from his recent trip to Battle Mountain with good news. HWY 305 will not be repaved this year, so it should be smooth sailing again. Also he scoped out the new road for qualification runs. This is the road to the North of Interstate 80. This road seems much better than last years qualification site, and has a completely flat 5 mile stretch with no cattle grates or crossroads. We should be able to close it down for extended periods of time each morning for qualification runs. Speed potentials on this road should be very close to those on HWY 305, so anybody who comes out to this years Battle Mountain event should be able to get a really good idea of how fast they can go under ideal conditions. 
  • 5/9/03 - Garrie Hill is making at trip to Battle Mountain on 5/11/03 to scope out a new road to use for qualification runs. This road should be much lower traffic, and have a longer run-up to more accurately simulate conditions on HWy 305. Garrie also noted that while NDOT may have approval to repave HWY 305, the people he talked to recently who would actually be involved in the work said that there were currently no plans to repave this year.
  • 4/2/03 - Incredibly good news about WHPSC 2003
    Sean received a call at work from Shar Peterson of the BM Chamber of Commerce. It seemed that NDOT has been given approval to repave the HWY 305 course with a fine asphalt finish and the work is scheduled to commence this June. This means that the course will be repaved, and will be quite smooth, but may be a bit softer than previous years. This is great news because they were planning on repaving with a chip seal that would have very rough. Thanks to Shar and NDOT for pulling this off!
  • 3/31/03 - Sean Costin has stepped down as co-organizer of the 2003 WHPSC. Don't worry, he is still contributing the HPV scene as Vice President of Land for the HPVA.
  • 1/01/03 -  2003 WHPSC web site up and running!
    Race organizer Garrie Hill is working hard to hammer together a schedule of events for what is sure to be an exciting weekend. Once again there will be a full schedule of HPRA races including circuit races, sprints, and time trials in the vicinity of Battle Mountain. An alternate high speed location has been located to allow prospective WHPSC competitors to battle for the rights to race with the world class speed bikes on SR 305. This years .decimach challenge will  be run at this event again, with the winning speed set to 82 MPH to adjust the previous 75 MPH goal for the favorable site conditions. The prize for the .decimach challenge is currently $24,000 USD, or $1000 to the fastest bike if no one wins it. 

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