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2003 WHPSC Main Racing Results
Results reported by Jeff Hunn

                     Battle Mountain 2003 Wrap-up
                     The Volunteers at Battle Mountain 2003
                     Donations and prizes awarded

Race Day Rider(s) Vehicle Name Legal
200 Meter Time
Monday Rob Wood Norus Yes 49.19 9.095
Monday Matjaz Leskovar Eivie No 54.28 8.242
Monday Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo Yes 75.56 5.921
Monday Thom Ollinger Coslinger Special Yes 59.45 7.525
Monday Mackey Martin Virtual Rush Yes 37.09 12.061
Monday Fred Markham Varna Mephisto Yes 53.96 8.291
Tuesday Joe Kochanowski Varna clone No 45.92 9.743
Tuesday Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo Yes 76.61 5.84
Tuesday Matjaz Leskovar Eivie No 63.25 7.073
Tuesday Mackey Martin Virtual Rush Yes 52.68 8.493
Tuesday Charlie Ollinger Ollinger club racer Yes 34.27 13.056
Wednesday Joe Kochanowski Varna clone No 50.98 8.775
Wednesday Dean Pederson Rotator Coyote No 47.98 9.324
Wednesday Jeff Bales Lunatic Fringe No 30.21  14.810 
Wednesday Charlie Ollinger Ollinger Club Racer No 35.65  12.549 
Wednesday Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo No 76.35  5.860 
Wednesday Thom Ollinger Coslinger Special No 59.18 7.560 
Wednesday Matjaz Leskovar Eivie team No 46.79  9.526 
Wednesday Fred Markham Varna Mephisto No 64.04 6.986
Wednesday Mackey Martin Virtual Rush No 55.62 8.043
Wednesday Rob Wood Norus streamliner Yes 49.37  9.061 
Thursday Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo No 77.56 5.768
Thursday Fred Markham Varna Mephisto Yes 66.47 7.731
Thursday Dean Pederson Rotator Coyote Yes 53.13 8.421
Thursday Jeff Bales Lunatic Fringe No 37.12 12.0
Thursday Steve Delaire Big Gun No 51.88 8.623
Thursday Damjan Zabovnik Eivie No 26.92 16.619
Thursday Thom Ollinger Coslinger Special Yes 62.068 7.208
Thursday Mackey Martin Virtual Rush Yes 61.45 7.281
Thursday Joe Kochanowski Varna clone Yes 59.12 7.568
Thursday Rob Wood Norus streamliner Yes 56.37 7.936
Thursday Brian Romano Rotator Frankenstein Yes 46.05 9.716
Thursday Orin Macquarrie highracer Varna clone Yes 41.28 10.839
Friday Rob Wood Norus Yes 57.854 7.733
Friday Dean Pederson Rotator Coyote Yes 54.347 8.232
Friday Brian Romano Rotator Frankenstein Yes 49.561 9.027
Friday Orin Macquarrie Varna clone highracer Yes 46.405 9.641
Friday Jeff Bales Lunatic Fringe No 33.537 13.34
Friday Charlie Ollinger Ollinger Club Racer No 34.746 12.876
Friday Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo No 78.242 5.718
Friday Fred Markham Varna Mephisto No 68.387 6.542
Friday Damjan Zabovnik Evie Yes 66.496 6.728
Friday Thom Ollinger Coslinger Special Yes 60.704 7.37
Friday Joe Kochanowski Varna clone Yes 63.676 7.026
Saturday Mackey Martin Virtual Rush No 64.446 6.942
Saturday Brian Romano Rotator Frankenstein No 49.572 9.025
Saturday Orin Macquarrie Varna clone highracer No 35.889 12.466
Saturday Fred Markham Varna Mephisto No 71.835 6.228
Saturday Damjan Zabovnik Eivie streamliner Yes 68.21 6.559
Saturday Joe Kochanowski Silver (Varna clone) No 64.98 6.885
Saturday Rob Wood Norus streamliner No 57.997 7.714
     = New Record (pending HPVA approval)

Due to the wind conditions this year, the Eivie team was the only team to break a record. They set a new European 200M speed record, as well as a record for the fastest man in the world traveling backwards!

Battle Mountain 2003 Wrap-up
(by Jeff Hunn)

To paraphrase an old TV commercial, Iím not a reporter, but I played one at Battle Mountain. I had a great week, which mostly made up for my having to fly, which I hate--Iím experiencing turbulence over Kansas as I write this on my way home (I thought of you, Larry L!). My official press pass gave me access to all the racers and team members (of course, anyone else who was interested had access, too...). I enjoyed meeting and talking with world-class athletes, volunteers from all over the country, and many people whose names I have seen on the Internet. Carole gave me the freedom to choose my location each evening for the speed runs, so I got to see some of what it takes to put on such an event. I experienced first-hand the sharing of ideas and resources that was such a foreign concept to the Blue Yonder team in 2001. And I felt the thrill of seeing a bike go past at over 70 mph--several times!

I found that many participants (and volunteers) are envious of the HPRA race series that we have in the Midwest. West Coasters (west peddlers?) and others long for more opportunities to develop and test their ideas in racing conditions. Someone said they wished some of us would move out west and start some races there. I donít know if that will happen, but I think it would be better if some west coast (or wherever) races were organized by the people who live there and want them. Shari Barnhard did exactly that in Florida a couple of years back, and Iím sure she and others would be willing to share ideas and advice on putting on a race. perhaps someday there will be at least one race a year within a dayís drive of anyone in the U.S.

Although Samís record 81-mph speed of last year was not broken, I think everyone involved considers this yearís competition a success. Many personal bests were achieved, most riders improved their times day after day during the week, and a fair number of locals and visitors came out to watch--especially Saturday.

I hope youíve enjoyed reading about Battle Mountain this week. Perhaps some of you will do as I did last year and start thinking about attending next yearís event. If you have interest in the event, I would certainly encourage you to consider going, watching, and helping in 2004.

To close I would like to thank my wife Jane, who encouraged me to go (and who stayed home continuing to work so I could afford to). I would also like to thank the racers, team members, and other volunteers for being so friendly and open, Carole and George Leone for coordinating and running the event, Shar Peterson for the daily use of her Internet connection at the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce, and all the folks who generously donated prize money. Finally, thanks to you readers for your interest and enthusiasm, and for putting up with the delays in posting the daily results and reports (I have some ideas for improving that next year). Long live the Battle Mountain World Human Powered Speed Challenge!

Jeff Hunn
North Manchester, Indiana

The Volunteers at Battle Mountain 2003 (by Carole Leone):
Everyone who competed at Battle Mountain this year owes a debt of gratitude to the volunteers who made it a success this year.  It could not have been done without their help and expertise. 

Before the race many of them wrote with suggestions on how to improve things and the organizers incorporated as many of these ideas as possible. The result was one of the best-organized events to date.

It was the volunteers who made it happen so smoothly. Those who had been there before shared their knowledge and expertise with new volunteers. First-timers often got the chance to experience what went on at the various points on the course. Some volunteers were so valuable at their posts that they were asked them to work that one job all week.  They were too good at their job to lose! 

The volunteers' willingness to give up travel and expense money (not to mention vacation days!) was much appreciated by all the racers who participated in the event. Sam Whittingham said (before the infamous crash) that he felt completely safe on the course this year. That feeling was there because the volunteers worked hard to make it that way. Circumstances made it so that the primary goal of a world record was not to be. But the goal of having a safe, fun time was achieved!

Many people have said that it was the best-organized event they had been to. If so, it's because all the volunteers knew (or learned quickly!) what to do and when to do it. They never lost a time due to volunteer or equipment error, only one run had to be cancelled (Charlie Ollinger's on the last night, due to unavoidable time delays), and a minimum of bikes were dropped at the finish. That's a record to be proud of. 

The 2003 Battle Mountain volunteers are listed below. Our apologies if we have left anyone out.

Tom Amick, ASME HPV racing graduate, Cal Poly San
Luis Obispo
Mark Anderson
Ron Anderson
Paul Avanzino, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Barney Bauer
Chris Bechtel
Chris Broome
Bill Cook
Mark Dorman, ASME HPV racing graduate, South Dakota
School of Mines
Roy Elledge
Jason Erickson, ASME HPV racing graduate, UN Reno
Bill Gaines
Paul Gracey
Jeff Hunn
Dave Kennedy
Al Krause
Alice Krause
Dave Larrington
Larry Lem
Carole Leone
George Leone
Andrew Millson
Michael Mowett
Charlie G. Ollinger
Jim Peterson of Battle Mountain Nevada
Bill Patterson
Nate Saicheck, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Brad Teubner
Walt Tibbets
Scott Wilson
Jonathan Woolrich

Donations and Prizes (by Carole Leone)

The Many people in the HPV world were upset when the previous organizer removed
the .deciMach prize from the 2003 WHPSC. A week before the beginning of the race a spontaneous internet campaign began to provide cash prizes for this year's event. Started first on one of the HPV bulletin boards, the campaign was announced on BentRider Online and on the WISIL WHPSC site. In the space of two weeks $1,800.00 was donated and sent directly to Battle Mountain to be given out as cash awards. At the awards party, an anonymous person(s) donated an additional $500, for a total prize of $2,300.00!

The cash awards were deeply appreciated by the competitors. Not only because almost every one of them is on a shoestring budget, but because it was a tangible show of how much this event means to everyone in our sport, and how deeply some people felt about what happened.

Because of the (to us) large amount of money, we were able to give cash prizes down to 6th place as follows:

First: $1,000 to Sam Whittingham
Second: $500 to Fred Markham
Third: $350 to the Slovenian Eivie Team
Fourth: $275 to Joe Kochinowski
Fourth: $200 to Macky Martin
Sixth: $100 to Thom Ollinger

We would like to gratefully acknowledge donations from the following people:

The MARS HPV Group
The Oregon Human Power Group
Doug Adams (Missouri)
Anonymous Donor at the Battle Mountain Event
Mary Arneson (Minnesota)
Brown Family (New York)
S. Friedlander (New Jersey)
Paul Gracey (California)
Alan Jarrett (Florida)
Paul John (New York)
Mike Kring (Florida)
Dana & Elaine Lieberman (California)
Mike Mowatt (Michigan)
Jun Nogami (Michigan)
Real Carbon LLC (Oregon)
John Tetz (New Jersey)
Alan Weiss (New York)

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