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2003 WHPSC Thursday Pictures and Racing Results
Pictures and verbiage by Jeff Hunn   

           Thursday Results

Dean.Coyote.wheeltape_sm.jpg (11937 bytes) Dean Pederson creates a makeshift wheeldisc for the front wheel of his Rotator Coyote (shown with nose section removed). Dean overlapped strips of duct tape between the blades of his Aerospoke wheel, and trimmed the tape to match the curvature of the rim.
A closer view of the Lunatic Fringe after modifications. Jeff Bales discovered that his
camera navigation system didn't work, so he removed the camera fin, cut a hole for his head,
and added a scrounged canopy.
Lun.Fringe.canopy_sm.jpg (10104 bytes)
Battle.Mtn.course_sm.jpg (8246 bytes) The view of S.R. 305 about 10 miles out of Battle Mountain, looking south. The catch area is about where the car is a quarter-mile or so down the road; the start area is about 6 miles away.
Bill Cook does a short interview clip with race director Carole Leone. Bill is preparing another video of the Battle Mountain competition, which he will make available for sale at a later date. Bill had to leave early when he got word Friday morning that
a tree had fallen on his Washington, DC area house Thursday as a result of Hurricane Isabel. (11831 bytes)
Paul.windmeter_sm.jpg (12162 bytes) Paul Gracey sets up the windmeter at the timing area in order to determine whether winds are below the legal limit for speed records.
Timers set up the timing system timing.setup_sm.jpg (6992 bytes)
bridge.haybales_sm.jpg (6989 bytes) This short bridge is several hundred yards past the timing area, in the slowdown zone. Hay bales were used to protect the riders from veering into the guardrails. The 100-pound bales had to be put over the guardrails each night, and brought back over each afternoon to keep them from "disappearing" overnight.
Dean Pederson comes into the catch area on his own. He can put his feet out of flexible doors, so he didn't need to be caught.
catchers.Dean.feetdown_sm.jpg (8727 bytes)
catchers.Eivie.unscrew_sm.jpg (11118 bytes) The Eivie team works on unfastening the fairing to extract rider Damjan Zabovnik. In addition to being taped, the halves of the shell are actually screwed together in places.
Fred Markham in the Varna Mephisto enters the catch area following his 66+ mph run. catchers.Fred.incoming_sm.jpg (6704 bytes)
catchers.Fred.emerge_sm.jpg (10268 bytes) Fred Markham emerges from the Varna Mephisto following his 66+ mph run.
Steve Delaire approaches the catch area in his Big Gun streamliner.
catchers.waiting_sm.jpg (5136 bytes)
catchers.Steve.hold_sm.jpg (7693 bytes) Catchers hold the Big Gun and help remove the canopy so Steve Delaire can exit.
Jeff Bales in the Lunatic Fringe approaches the catch area. Jeff's bike has dual outrigger wheels, so he could stop on his own without being held. The catchers did untape his canopy. catchers.Jeff.incoming_sm.jpg (7748 bytes)
catchers.Sam.incoming_sm.jpg (7191 bytes) The catch crew prepares for Sam Whittingham after his 77+ mph run.
Sam Whittingham catches his breath after his run. Sam's heartrate will hit 200bpm for much of the 5-mile run! catchers.Sam.recover_sm.jpg (11499 bytes)

Thursday Results

First flight
Joe Kochanowski, Varna clone, 50.98 mph, 8.775 sec, illegal wind
Dean Pederson, Rotator Coyote, 47.98 mph, 9.324 sec, illegal wind
Steve Delaire, Rotator Big Gun, flatted
Jeff Bales, Lunatic Fringe, 30.21 mph, 14.810 sec, illegal wind
Charlie Ollinger, Ollinger Club Racer, 35.65 mph, 12.549 sec, illegal wind
Second flight
Sam Whittingham, Varna Diablo, 76.35 mph, 5.860 sec, illegal wind
Thom Ollinger, Coslinger Special, 59.18 mph, 7.560 sec, illegal wind
Matjaz Leskovar, Eivie team, 46.79 mph, 9.526 sec, illegal wind
Fred Markham, Varna Mephisto, 64.04 mph, 6.986 sec, illegal wind
Mackey Martin, Virtual Rush, 55.62 mph, 8.043 sec, illegal wind
Rob Wood, Norus streamliner, 49.37 mph, 9.061 sec, legal wind

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