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2003 WHPSC Tuesday Pictures and Racing Results
Pictures and wordage by Jeff Hunn          

           Tuesday Results

12-year-old junior rider Charlie Ollinger has named/nicknamed his streamliner "Weaselbike,"
and on Tuesday morning he qualified by riding it under control in windy conditions.
Here's the 108-tooth chainring on the Slovenian Eivie bike. Yes, I counted them. Notice that
it wraps only partway around the outside of the drive cogs; this reverses the direction the wheel spins, since the rider is on his back riding headfirst. The bike only has 5 speeds.

Jeff Bales works on his Lunatic Fringe streamliner. Jeff got a good maiden voyage on Tuesday
morning despite gusty winds. He rode without the canopy and found that the winds didn't seem
to bother the bike's handling at all--he could ride in a straight line wherever he wanted to on the road, so he received clearance to run on S.R. 305 tonight! Modifications made yesterday and today include improving clearance for the rear wheel, replacing the wireless camera system with a wired system, inserting rubber dampers for the fairing, and constructing wheel disc covers.

Jurij (Yuri) ? constructs plastic wheelcovers for the front of the Slovenian Eivie bike.
This is the view from the launching area, looking north on S.R. 305, about 20 miles south of Battle Mountain. Note the duct-tape staging numbers on the right lane. Also note the interesting contrast between flat valley floor and rugged surrounding peaks.
Sam Whittingham warms up on a trainer at the start area Tuesday evening
Thom Ollinger's Coslinger Special waits near the start area Tuesday. Thom scratched his run
because of gusty wind conditions. It used to be a camera bike, but after Sean Costin crashed
it racing at the Northbrook, Illinois velodrome in 2002 the decision was made to raise the
seat angle and add a canopy.
Joe Kochanowski puts some finishing touches on the chassis of his Varna clone streamliner. Note the complex joints and tube angles, which were beautifully welded. The long projection out front is to support the fairing.
Damjan puts final tape over the fairing of the Eivie streamliner, while Bill Patterson watches the jerry-rigged ventilation unit pumps air to keep Matjaz cool. Just prior to launch a plastic window will be fitted over the opening above the rider's
head. The two fairing halves are actually screwed together, so it takes some time to get the rider out
after a run.
Matjaz Leskovar warms up on the "backwards" Eivie bike Tuesday evening, while mechanic
Damjan ? looks on. Notice the huge 108-tooth chainring, and also the navigation mirror in front of his face. The yellow hose is used to pump air for ventilation into the fairing to keep the rider cool while waiting to launch; it is powered by an air-conditioner fan "borrowed" from the nice silver rental truck!
Rob Wood's Norus streamliner (left) and Thom Ollinger's Coslinger Special share space in Rob's trailer. They came from the Dayton, Ohio area. Hanging in the background is Rob's Barcroft Oregon FWD lowracer.
Three bikes wait on S.R. 305 for their runs Tuesday evening. Fred Markham in the Diablo Mephisto is near left. Gardner Martin's Virtual Rush is behind the Mephisto, and the Eivie "backwards" bike is behind the Mephisto. Behind the Eivie bike is a semi, patiently waiting during the half-hour road closure. He wished us well when he was finally
The Eivie "backwards" bike is successfully launched on its way to recording a 63.25 mph
speed Tuesday evening.
Mack Martin and Gardner Martin launch the Virtual Rush containing Mackey Martin on Tuesday
evening. Mackey recorded a speed of 52.68 mph
Joe Kochanowski waits in his Varna clone for his Tuesday evening launching, as various race officials, other race teams, and volunteers watch (or not).
? launches Joe on his maiden run, which netted him a speed of 45.92 mph in windy conditions!
Charlie Ollinger (left) and Chris Broome lower the canopy of the Diablo Mephisto over Fred Markham before his Tuesday evening run.
Final preparations are made to Fred Markham in the Diablo Mephisto before he launching for his Tuesday evening run. Fred dropped a chain at mile 3.5 and coasted all the way in, for possibly a new WHPSC coasting record?
Sam Whittingham adjusts his helmet as ? readies the launching dolly for the Varna Diablo. Sam's wife Andrea Blaesecki prepares to help install the canopy.
Sam is launched on his way to a 76.61 mph run Tuesday evening.
Tuesday Results
Very windy today (gusting to 30 mph) so several riders elected to scratch.
Joe was the only rider in the first flight, and the wind died almost completely about 6:30 p.m. for the second flight. 
Here are the results:
Joe Kochanowski, Varna clone, 45.92 mph despite dropping his chain at the timing trap.
Sam Whittingham, Varna Diablo, 76.61 mph
Matjas (sp?), Eivie team, 63.25 mph
Fred Markham, dropped chain at 3.5 mile mark doing about 49-50 mph, coasted clear past timing trap to catch area w/o further power. New coasting record?!
Mackey Martin, Virtual Rush, 52.68 mph
Charlie Ollinger, Ollinger club racer, 34.27 mph


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