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2003 WHPSC Wednesday Pictures and Racing Results
Pictures, commentary and results by Jeff Hunn.      

           Demo Day     
           Wednesday's Results    

Today was Demo Day at the Battle Mountain CivicCenter, with the bikes on display for kids from the local schools. It was a beautiful sight--14 streamliners all together in one place!

Streamliners lined up for Demo Day against one wall of the Civic Center. From front to rear:
Varna Diablo, Rotator Big Gun, Rotator Varna clone, Rotator Coyote, Kochanowski Varna clone, Ollinger club racer, Coslinger Special, Norus streamliner.

The Chamber of Commerce provided Blimpie sub sandwiches Wednesday for the racers and other
personnel involved in Demo Day. Thanks,  
Bleary-eyed Brian Romano poses with his Frankenstein streamliner. 
Matt Weaver's new Cutting Edge II bike, with features such as a carbon-fiber frame, fully- enclosed wheels, dual rear disc brakes, a "timing- belt" final drive, and a computer-assisted steering stability system.
Closeup of Chris Bechtel's (Need More) Time Machine drivetrain, with a single chain (and
single speed) and lower bearing steering pivots 
Chris Bechtel (black shirt) shows his bike's 120-tooth chainring to Joe Kochanowski (hat)
and Paul Gracey, as Walt Tibbitts looks on.

Dean Pederson poses with his Rotator Coyote streamliner, which he rides in traffic almost
Elementary school students peer through the canopy of Rob Wood's Norus streamliner during
Demo Day. 
Orin Macquarrie of Rotator Bicycles poses with his Ti-framed Varna clone high racer (the top of the body is on the floor behind him).
Rob Wood discusses his Norus streamliner with students from Battle Mountain High School. 
Steve Delaire of Rotator Bicycles poses with the Big Gun streamliner, which is in its second year of competition at Battle Mountain.
Joe Kochanowsky pilots his Varna clone through the timing traps at 50.98 mph.
Jeff Bales in the Lunatic Fringe on his maiden run Wednesday evening. Jeff initially used a wireless camera on a rear-mounted fin for navigation. The wireless camera didn't work, so he switched to a wired camera, which appeared to work Tuesday evening but on Wednesday morning didn't offer enough resolution for safe piloting. So Jeff chucked
the camera system, removed the fin, cut a head hole in the fairing, raised his seat, and installed a bubble canopy. On his run he discovered that he was geared way too high--he did his 30.21 mph run
in first gear! He will make changes for the rest of the week's runs.
Charlie Ollinger on his way to a 35.65 mph run in his Ollinger Club Racer.
A 76.35 mph run for Sam Whittingham in the Varna Diablo--his third 75+ run for the week!
Thom Ollinger hits 59.18 mph in the Coslinger Special.
Matjaz Leskovar does 46.79 mph in the Eivie streamliner.
Fast Freddie Markham does 64.04 mph in the Varna Mephisto. With better wind conditions, Fred thinks he can do 70 mph.
Mackey Martin rides the Virtual Rush to 55.62 mph as daylight wanes.
In the last run of the day, Rob Wood records 49.37 mph in the Norus streamliner. Rob was up
to over 57 mph early, but didn't time his run well.
Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Carole Leone wants all the unbelievers in California to know that she achieved a personal best Tuesday evening by getting the competition started on time!

Demo Day
Today was Demo Day at the Battle Mountain Civic Center, with the bikes on display for kids from the local schools. It was a beautiful sight--14 streamliners all together in one place! Let's see if I can list them all:
1. Rob Wood's Norus streamliner, from Dayton, Ohio. The Norus is a practical streamliner; Rob rides it almost daily for all sorts of errands.
2. Thom Ollinger's Coslinger Special, also from the Dayton area.
3. Charlie Ollinger, Jr.'s Coslinger Club Racer.
4. Joe Kochanowski's Varna clone.
5. Chris Bechtel's streamliner. His final bike will be called the Time Machine; he said this one is his "Need More" Time Machine. The bike is Chris's grand experiment in attempting to simplify the transmission and drivetrain. It is a single-chain single-speed; the 120-t chainring drives a
12-t cog (700c wheel; you do the math!). Chris still needs to cut the shell for ducting and visibility; he hopes to get that done in time to run this week.
6. Dean Pederson's 11-year-old Rotator Coyote. It is a practical streamliner, and Dean rides it daily, averaging perhaps 25-30 mph in traffic. Dean sees streamlining as perhaps the last big undiscovered
breakthrough in bike technology, and he thinks that if more riders could experience the thrill of fast riding they would be clamoring to buy and build practical (and racing) streamliners.
7. Orin MacQuarrie's high-racer Varna clone. Orin builds titanium frames for Steve Delaire at Rotator, and his Ti frame reflects his skill as a builder. The FWD system gives him 63 gears!
8. Steve Delaire's Big Gun. Steve competed with the Big Gun at Battle Mountain last year, and has made several improvements since then. The Big Gun now sports 20" wheels (instead of 700c's), a new canopy, and wheel skirts. Most importantly, he has been able to stiffen the frame considerably, which makes the bike handle more predictably.
9. Steve Delaire's "other race bike," a gray-Coroplast-bodied Rotator which he will use for Friday's races at the airport. 
10. Sam Whittingham's Varna Diablo.
11. Matt Weaver's Cutting Edge II, which is a new bike inside the Virtual Edge shell. The bike sports computer-assisted steering, and power is transferred from the mid-drive to the rear wheel by what appears to be a small timing belt. 
12. The Slovenian Eivie bike.
13. Mackey Martin's Virtual Rush
14. Brian Romano's Frankenstein (previously owned by Steve Delaire). Brian said he worked 40 hours in the last 3 days to get the bike ready to bring, and then drove through the night from Santa Rosa, California to arrive here at 4:00 Wednesday morning! He wanted to be here for Demo Day with the school kids because he remembers seeing a Vector trike when he was 9 or 10 years old and getting to talk with the rider and sit in the cockpit. He credits that experience with igniting his passion for bikes, and feels that by passing on that passion to kids we can excite the engineers and riders
of tomorrow.

Wednesday evening race results:
First flight
Joe Kochanowski, Varna clone, 50.98 mph, 8.775 sec, illegal wind
Dean Pederson, Rotator Coyote, 47.98 mph, 9.324 sec, illegal wind
Steve Delaire, Rotator Big Gun, flatted
Jeff Bales, Lunatic Fringe, 30.21 mph, 14.810 sec, illegal wind
Charlie Ollinger, Ollinger Club Racer, 35.65 mph, 12.549 sec, illegal wind
Second flight
Sam Whittingham, Varna Diablo, 76.35 mph, 5.860 sec, illegal wind
Thom Ollinger, Coslinger Special, 59.18 mph, 7.560 sec, illegal wind
Matjaz Leskovar, Eivie team, 46.79 mph, 9.526 sec, illegal wind
Fred Markham, Varna Mephisto, 64.04 mph, 6.986 sec, illegal wind
Mackey Martin, Virtual Rush, 55.62 mph, 8.043 sec, illegal wind
Rob Wood, Norus streamliner, 49.37 mph, 9.061 sec, legal wind

Jeff Hunn

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