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2005 WHPSC Friday Pictures and Racing Results  

Pictures and Words by Warren & Dave
Friday morning saw the quarter-mile drag races being run on the North Frontage Road.  Here Linda Barnett (L) lines up against Larry Lem.
Eventual winner Matt Ididn'tgetanoteofhissurname (L), on a Lemond 'cross bike, prepares to take on Aaron Williams in the CalPoly Princess.  The latter disgraced itself by dropping a chain, leading to a dramatic race for the team to reach the bike before it fell over.  They did - just...
Compare and contrast the Eivie shell with its state yesterday evening!
The recently painted Varnowski bigs it up for the sponsors.
Sam Whittingham is the latest recipient of a Tanya Markham Go-Faster haircut.
Mackie Martin prepares to launch Damjan in the quickly refinished Eivie. Damjan elected to race first in the first group tonight which meant that Warren would race last in the last group.

Winds were higher for the first group today, and Damjan had "something rubbing", so he cut his run short.

Mark Anderson, in yellow vest, completes the taping of the Coslinger 1.5
Since I (Warren, obv. - Ed.) was racing last in the second group, I got the opportunity to scurry around and take some pictures before the second group was called to line up.

Racers in the first group are lined up, ready to be launch.

14 year old Charlie Ollinger gives the high sign from the cockpit of the M5 #8.
Eric Ware concentrates on the upcoming task, in the Orange Varna. Eric upped his speed to 50.535 MPH.
Sean Costin waits to be launched in the Coslinger Special.
Sean is launched. Sean had a new front wheel fairing for today's run, which was making a horrible scraping noise as he got under way.  Certain persons present opined that it would wear away by the time he reached Ranch Road 1, a mile or so down the course...
The CalPoly team tape Matt Scott into the Princess, while urging him to think of free food1 waiting at the far end of the course.
An army of invisible ants does the necessary on the Varna Mephisto, prior to Fast Freddy's entry into the exclusive 75 MPH club (membership: 3).
Dave Balfour (at the rear of the bike) tapes the Varna II prior to Lisa Vetterlein's record-breaking run.
Steve Nash (mostly hidden) and Hans van Vugt ready the Varnoski for a run.
Mike Sova straddles the nose of the Cuda-W; an unidentified helper holds the rear; Rob Hitchcock does the taping.
Brian Ball poses with Tanya and Fast Freddie Markham. 

Brian made a deal with Freddie that he'd dye his hair blue if Freddy broke 75MPH.  Tanya was more than happy to make that happen...

High and lowlights of the day:
  • Lisa Vetterlein sets a new World Record at 66.585 MPH!!!
  • 40 of the bales of hay that protect us from the bridge were stolen sometime Thursday night.  We suspect Pikeys...
  • Ellen crashes midcourse at 50+ MPH and goes airborne, but comes out without injury save for a scratch. She later said she had a higher speed crash in the White Hawk...  We think this probably makes her the most experienced pilot in the SR 305 Flying Club!
  • Warren breaks the Queally barrier (64.34 MPH) at 64.428 MPH
  • Fast Freddy sets another personal best at 75.777 MPH, thus causing Bryan Ball's hair to turn blue at the post-race meeting.  Alas, Mr. Larrington's camera was running low on fuel again, so if Bryan has already washed it out, he will have to be killed.
  • Andrea sets a personal best at 65.628 MPH.
  • Mr. Larrington gets to drive his rental car at 160 MPH without fear of incarceration.  Twice.
Dave adds:  A Big Gold Star to the Varna II team - Dave, Dennis, Jeremy & Bruno - who have done a lot of work in tweaking the bike.  And another Big Gold Star to Lisa Vetterlein, who came to Battle Mountain as an almost complete novice and will leave with a World Record under her belt.  World Records are, after all, the reason why most of us keep coming here
Mr. Sunshine writes: I went to a karate class yesterday. The teacher didn't turn up. It was very Zen.
  1. Matt was being urged to think of other things as well, but they are unsuitable for a family publication such as this...

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