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2005 WHPSC Monday Racing Pictures and Results

Pictures and Words by Warren "Shrimp Boat1" Beauchamp & Dave "FLJS" Larrington

Even though the forecast called for rain and cold, the day turned out well. Racers and their machines were scattered about the parking lot, and racers were busy preparing for the qualification runs. Here the Easy Racers TriRush sits waiting for last minute check over. This bike was rebuilt for 2005 and is now about 20 lbs lighter.
Left to right: Robert Barnett, Scott Wilson and Craig Johnson at the start of the qualifying course.  In the foreground are Robert's "Alligator" linear-drive trike and the top of the Varna Diablo's fairing.
Front-end detail of the Orange - a Varna-bodied delta trike built by Brad Teubner and ridden by Eric Ware.
Left to right, the Varna II team works to get the proper tire clearances on their very tight fitting wheel fairings, The Cuda-W awaits more work, and the Coslinger II peeks out behind the Cuda-W. In The background Steve Nash works on the latest Varnowski.
Sean Costin and Larry Lem work on the Coslinger to get it ready to race.
The WHPSC2005 racers, organizers, and volunteers gather for the racers meeting. Recognize anyone?
Sean Costin performs some last minute ministrations to the Coslinger. Sean had some issues with seeing the road when he used his motorcycle helmet, so he borrowed a BMX helmet, but he flatted out about 1.5 miles down the course.
At the race start area, Lisa Vetterlein is on her trainer warming up and is psyched for the run down SR 305.
Damjan Zabovnik warms up in the very tiny Eivie II.
Charlie Ollinger hops off his training Bike by the M5 #8, which sits on it's cradle, while the newly painted Cuda-W leans up against the Varna Truck.

I was not able to go much over 20MPH in the Cuda-W during the qualifications run, but Rob Hitchcock and I discover that the tire was rubbing on the frame. We beat a nice dent in the frame to give the tire clearance, and took in back to Muleshoe for another test run. Much better!

The Varna team prepares to race the Diablo, but who will ride it? Sam and Andrea will be switching off all week in this bike. Sam rode it tonight.
Mackie Martin cruised down Rt 305 in the TriRush. This bike has much bigger windows this year to allow Mackie to see things like hay bales...

Mackie went 40.96 MPH

Eric Ware cruises by in the Orange Varna trike, as darkness gathers.

Eric went 47.43 MPH.

I took a couple of really dark and blurry pictures of Freddy and Sam. This one of Lisa in the Varna II was interesting. Ellen did not complete her run because the bike's gears would not shift.

Lisa went 60.21 MPH.

Racers gathered after the races for the results announcements. In the center of the picture are HPRA/Decimach timer Garrie Hill , Race Director Jonathan Woolrich, and HPVA timer Paul Gracey.  Dave Larrington lurks in the background.

1 - There has been a Quantity of Debate as to the correct pronunciation of Mr. Webmaster Beauchamp's name.  Certain of the Britons present, who deal with names such as "Cholmondeley-Featherstonehaugh2" on a daily basis, have taken to calling him "Beecham", while the pragmatic Americans prefer "Bow-Champ".  An attempt to popularize "Blofeld" failed due to the disturbing thought of the gentleman in question being obliged to carry a white cat inside his bike while pedalling at sixty miles per hour.  At the Monday night debrief, Mr. Beauchamp himself cut the Gordian Knot, announcing that "It's pronounced Shrimp-Boat".  So there we have it...

2 - Which is, of course, pronounced "Chumley-Fanshaw"


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