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2005 WHPSC Saturday Racing Results and Report

Riders line up for the 1 hour "fun" race, in the Battle Mountain high school parking lot. In the front, Roadie Matt Chater practices his track stand. Dennis Grelk hangs out on the Gritters lowracer and Dusty Wood awaits the start on his Tour Easy. In the background, Steve Delaire gets re-righted. 
At the hairpin turn, riders had to do some serious leaning to make the corner. Here, the Cal Poly 'liner takes the corner at speed. The course was set up by Bill Gaines, who made sure that it was an "equalizer" course which would not favor streamliners. 
Dennis Grelk hits the hairpin, followed by ? on a dual 26" Rotator, and Steve Delaire on a faired Rotator.

Matt pulled away and took an early lead, followed by Dusty on the Tour Easy, and Dennis on the Gritters lowracer.

Steve Delaire slowly reeled in all the riders. Here, he yells "Passing on your the outside! Don't take the corner wide! " as he passes Dennis on the hairpin.

Steve eventually caught Matt, but a series of crashes (Dusty, Cal Poly and Steve), eventually changed the finish order to Matt, Steve, then Dennis.

Dusty was the recipient of some gnarly road rash.

Steve Nash fixes damage to this year's Varnowski speedbike, incurred during Ellen's 50+ MPH crash. 

After the Saturday evening races, the body was loaded up onto Garrie's trailer for Thom to haul it back to Ohio, so Garrie could pack it up and send it to Hans and Ellen in Holland. Hans will make a new chassis for it, and they will use it for Ellen to make an attempt on the hour and other long distance records.

That Mountain with all the clouds streaming off of it is Mt Lewis, as seen from the SR 305 catch area. It doesn't look that big from here, but it took a Reeeeally long time to drive up to the top. 

Temps were cold today and winds were the worst of the entire week, so speeds were low, except for Damjan, who set another Euro record in both the 200 Meter and 1 Kilo timed distances. 

On the upside, no crashes!

At the awards dinner, Chris Broome and Jonathan Woolrich hand out the awards and dispense gratitude to all the volunteers, contributors, and participants. 

Garrie Hill notes that the .decimach prize will only be available for 1 more year. 

So ends WHPSC2005!

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