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2005 WHPSC Thursday Pictures and Racing Results

Pictures by Warren Beauchamp, Mike Mowett & Dave Larrington. Words by Warren & Dave.
The Cal Poly rider did an amazing 46MPH on Muleshoe road during the qualifying runs. Apparently he worked hard.
Mike Mowett does a 36MPH qualifying run on his socked wedgie. Qualifier officials look on.
Damjan Zabovnik and Gabe Devault work on Damjan's bike. They very carefully wet sanded and polished the body. All day.

Unfortunately, Damjan crashed at 70+ MPH on his Sr 305 run Thursday night, when he hit a bump in the road. The bike skidded sideways, went airborne, then skidded on the road until he hit a plastic mile marker at about 30MPH. The Eivie is scratched up but otherwise ok. Damjan walked away with a little scratch on his knuckle.

Here's the bike built by Steve Nash that's inside the Varna that Ellen is racing.
Raymond Gage rolled in last night with his Orion Speedbike kit. All the parts are there, all he has to do is put them together... He's planning on running a qualifier run tomorrow, and Thom Ollinger is the designated driver.
Interior of the M5 #8 machine, ridden by Charlie Ollinger.  Basically it's an almost bog-standard M5 Low Racer in there
When the circus is in town, it is only to be expected that the car park gets turned into Something Else Entirely.  Here Damjan Zabovnik continues to polish the Eivie II, while Gabe DeVault supervises.
The Cal Poly bike was ridden to the HPVA meeting. Practical and fast...
Here's Al and Alice Krause with their kinetic sculpture. On the right is Steve Delaire's circuit racer.
The assembled members of the HPVA board gather for their yearly meeting. Unfortunately, not enough board members were present to make any decisions...
While all this was happening, some more of us made the trip to the top of Mount Lewis.  This is the locals' SUV...
Thursday was perfect, with almost nonexistent winds and warm temps even for the first group. Everybody in the first group improved by about 5 MPH over the previous windy and cold days.

Sean Costin in the Coslinger Special passes Ranch Road 1 on his way to a 64.04 MPH run. 


Warren Beauchamp in the Cuda -W cruised by Ranch Road One on his way to beat Sean with a 64.178 MPH run. Warren fixed a frame to tire rub which had been causing a burnt rubber smell in the bike to allow him to beat Sean Costin by an amazing .138 MPH!

This event has several well matched contests between riders. Warren VS Sean, Ellen VS Lisa VS Andrea, and Damjan VS Fast Freddy.

Charlie Ollinger improves his top speed to 57.697 MPH.
Aaron Williams of the Cal Poly team bumped Mackie Martin and the TriRush to make their first run. Aaron did 54.982 MPH through the traps.
Another view of Princess, the CalPoly machine.  The bike is similar to last year's Velox Solium, but "better".
Eric Ware in the Orange Varna passes Ranch Road One on his way to joining the 50 MPH club with a 50.279 MPH run.
The catch crew sights down SR 305 to try to see the next racer.
First of the Varna Posse tonight was Sam. Andrea had a fever and was not feeling well enough to race today.

Sam upped his speed to 76.686 MPH

Fast Freddy keeps upping his speed. Tonight he brought it up to 73.595 MPH. Freddy pre-oxygenates at the beginning of the race with a bottle and a big hose...
The catch crew prepares for Lisa to enter the catch area.
Lisa had a nice 65.293 MPH run.
Ellen had a great 65.046 MPH run. Note spiffy new paint job, for extra speed.

Hmm. They both need just 1MPH more to beat the women's record.  Sinister Agent "D" advises that Ellen's bike builder Steve Nash is to visit Miss Tanya's Hair Emporium, in the hope that a go-faster haircut will tip the balance.  Well, it worked for Fast Freddy last year...

Tonight was the Basque dinner. Here, Larry and Alice practice their Roman traditions...

Ok, now it's almost 12:30am and I'm ready to pass out.

As is usual at the Basque dinner, the hapless visitors are shanghaied into dancing with the Local Youth.  Cranking up the ubiquitous Junior Pocket Microscope (Model 3a) will reveal that the six-and-a-half-foot mutant centre-stage is, natch, Mr. Webmaster Shrimpboat, and his collection of left feet.  Actually, Warren's dancing has improved greatly since 2002, and it has been posited that the reason for his three-year absence was ballet classes...
Snapped back at the motel, the rather forlorn Eivie shows off its scars.  This is what happens when one joins the SR 305 Flying Club.  However, even as I type, the Easy Racers crew are busy filling, sanding and polishing; hopefully Damjan will be back in action tonight.
Not much else to report at present.  The drag races are currently underway out on the qualifying course, so there should be some results and pictures accompany the Friday stull.  So far Friday's weather is much the same as Thursdays, only a bit warmer.  We're keeping our collective fingers crossed for tonight.


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