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Pictures by Gabe Devault
Georgi Geogiev and Sam Whittingham work on the Varna Diablo. 
The Varna camera bike hangs out in the hall of the motel. Sam rode this bike on Monday, but then switched back to the Diablo on Tuesday. 
The rear or the Varna camera trike. Very aero looking.
 Back 3/4 view of the Varna camera trike in the hotel hallway.
 Fast Freddy Markham warms up on an Easy Racers Javelin prototype.
The inside of the Varna camera bike at the gravel pit parking lot. 
 Dean Pederson unpacks the Coyote in preparation for the evening's run down SR305.
The Kyle Edge sits on its stand before the race. 
Dean is ready to go.  
Damjan tweaks the fairing around the balky 17" Moulton front tire.  
Sam gets ready to down his favorite energy supplement before the race.  I see sponsorship...
Damjan Zabovnik's Eivie II is very beaten up after it's final high speed crash of the week.  

Damjan was taken to the hospital as he started to ask funny questions. At the hospital, when asked where he was from, he told the person he was an alien. Good for even more laughs.

The final crash obviously took him into the brush, and it appears he rolled several times before coming to a rest.  
Freddy sells that same product that Sam was selling.  
 The Varna Camera trike. 
Freddy and Sam enjoying their Red Bull energy drink after a hard day of racing. Sponsors? Anybody? tap.. tap... Is this thing on?
Yee-ha! Giddy-up there little doggies...
Freddy warms up while enjoying the mystery product.
Speedbikes line up waiting to run, as the sun sets.
Frank Lem (Larry Lem's brother) and Tom Nowak’s dad Richard, help put the top on the Orange Varna to prepare Tom for a run down SR 305.
George Leone, Mike Sova and Eric Ware help Rob Hitchcock into the Kyle Edge and slide the body sections together . 
Freddy waits patiently for his turn at making a high speed run. 
Rob is sealed up and ready to go. 
Sam gets sealed into the Diablo 
Sam concentrates on the course. 
The catch crew waits for the next racer.


Pictures by Al Krause and friends
Chris Bechtel and Larry Lem do the timing chores late in the week. 
UC Davis's Bessie had problems and wasn't ever able to run. 
 Fred chats with Tom Nowak and his father Dick.
 Mark Anderson and Damjan talking over the Eivie (pronounced IVY)
Larry Lem clowning with the Red Bull on Alice Krause's TourEasy GRR with Windwrap fairing. 

Red Bull sent a large quantity of their beverage in lieu of actually covering the event, as they had an air show in California the same weekend.

The Varna Camera Bike at eye level, can you say small?
Dean is right at home in his bike. 
Bondo pink over butter yellow paint, the repaired Eivie waits it's launch time. 
The Patterson's make the best of sweep duties, Dianne at the wheel, top speed 100 mph +
Rob was improving with each run; the camera bike gets some getting used to.
Larry's boo-boo (road rash), ouch!  
Bill Patterson talks with Damjan 
The starting line, teams at the ready. 
The Basque dancers put on a great show again this year.

The Basque society put on the dance and fed the racers during the Saturday awards ceremony.

Part of the show is getting some of the spectators to join them in a dance or two. The girls grab people from the audience at random. Hi Al, your "it"...
Scott Wilson and Mark Anderson bondo the Eivie after the first crash. 
Mike Sova and Eric Ware polish the Kyle/Edge again….. 
The Davis team struggled in vain to assemble the bike "Bessie" before they had to leave. 
Brendan changes the final gearing of the Bessie
The group was often found in Mark Anderson's room viewing video, here we watch Fred's helmet cam vid. 
Linda Barnett before the drags 
Sam Bennett's wooden recumbent 
Side shot 
At the drags Frank Lem on right, another Eric on left. 
Linda and Robert Barnett, Linda is the happy winner of the first place woman award 

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