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Teams / Racers planning to attend the 2006 WHPSC 

Vehicle Rider Team Builder Country Predicted top 
speed (MPH)
Eivie II Damjan Zabovnik Eivie Damjan Zabovnik Slovenia  
Orange Varna Tom Nowak Nowak Hill/Brick/Teubner US  
Mach 5  Steve Delaire Rotator Steve Delaire US  
Coyote Dean Pederson Rotator Steve Delaire US  
Super 7 TBA Rotator Steve Delaire US  
Easy Varna Fred Markham Easy Racers Georgiev Canada
Hindsight Matthew Scott Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Cal Poly US 68 mph
Bessie III Brendan Connors UC Davis UC Davis US
Rob Hitchcock Kyle Edge Weaver Weaver US  
Varna Diablo? Sam Whittingham Varna Georgiev Canada  

Possible Racers:
TBA - another speedbike from the Easy Racers stable
Ellen Van Vugt / Hans Wessels - Speedhawk
Greg Kolodziejzyk - Critical Power
See the Rules for determination of pre-qualified racers

For the sixth straight year Team Easy Racers will enter the world speed challenge at Battle Mountain. This time they are led by Fast Freddy Markham and Denton Coetzee. Markham is fresh off of setting a new world record and is winner of the Dempsey-MacCready One Hour Prize. Markham, now with 20 world records to his credit, is holder of the top speed title between 1979-1981 and 1986-1992. He is looking at increasing his personal best top speed while pursuing a goal of breaking 80 mph. Easy Racers will be running the Easy Varna, the same vehicle Markham used to capture the Dempsey- MacCready title. Tanya Markham will be the team launcher and Gabe De Vault will be the crew, as well as the "embedded reporter". For a history of Easy Racers check out

Additional Racer info:
Qualifier events will be run on an alternate course to allow new racers to compete for the right to run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and if they are among the fastest qualifiers, they will be able to race on SR 305. 

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