WHPSC 2008 Sunday Pictures
WHPSC 2008 Sunday Pictures
Pictures and Verbiage by Warren Beauchamp
Garrie and I had a wonderfully boring 4 hour flight to Reno, and another 4 hour drive from there to Battle Mountain. By the time we arrived, everybody was hard at work in the parking lot. 

Here Larry Lem works on the Goliath II - conjoined
twin offspring of Beluga, while Tom Nowak files a mid-drive cover.

Kevin Berls old 'liner showed up, now owned by John Jackson of Sacramento CA. 
 Warren's liner, the Cuda-W, gets tech inspected by Craig Johnson and Tom Nowak, while Dave Larrington (in blue) fills out the volunteers paperwork.
 Mark Anderson and Eric Ware are hard at work rebuilding the Sled Edge.
 Steve Copeland displays the Velociraptor prone bike. Fairing is in the background.
Steve Nash, in yet another disguise beard, is hard at work filling in the pinholes in Georgi's latest speedbike. Sam says he fits, but not well. He said it fits like a tight shoe. We'll see if he still goes like stink in it. 
Here's the Diablo III, the "bigger" bike. 
Netherlanders Hans Wessels and Thomas Van Schaik work on the Speedhawk's new carbon chassis. 13KG!
Garrie Hill pauses in front of Ellen's Varna. The Lady Speedhawk did not get done in time.

Also the 55/55 Speedtrike that Garrie and Rich Myers were working on did not get done in time. 

Brad Teubner and Ellen look at the Varnowski speedbike. 
During the riders meeting, Alice Krause gives the riders the lowdown, whale Al looks on. Lookit all the purdy BM shirts and posters for sale. Get yours now!
Fast Freddy's extremely shiny Varna. If shinyness makes speed, he will surely go 90 MPH!

Everyone does speed trials at 7:00am in the morning tomorrow, Yikes! 

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