Battle Mountain 2008 Pictures by Jim Iwaskow
Battle Mountain 2008 Pictures by Jim Iwaskow
Words by Warren Beauchamp
Warren stops vibrating around long enough for Jim to take a picture. 
Richard Myers Adjusts the steering of Gee Bee Moby Blue. 
Warren rebuilds the drivetrain of the Cuda-W after Georgi and Steve added an 11 tooth cog to the 14 speed Rohloff hub.
Fred Markham in the black Mephisto. Fred turned in speeds over 70 MPH all week.
Aaron Williams in the Cal Poly SLO Athena. Despite some issues with getting good launches, Aaron turned in some good speeds in the mid 50s.
Larry Lem and Tom Amick get taped into Goliath II. Their MOALD (Mother of all launch dollys) allowed them to get perfect launches every time.
Riders prepare for Launch during qualifications. It was cold in the mornings, down into the 40s F, but got up into the 80s almost every day.
Don Schroeder gets taped into the Specter trike by his wife and son James.
Don is launched. The "eyes" on the fairing are the camera holes, and the black stripes are to help Don with the camera navigation. 
Barclay Henry in the Black tadpole trike. 
This trike was unique in more than just Barclay's method of entry (through a hole in the bottom). The front brakes were operated by a single cable, and pushed only on the inside of the rims. Despite that, it seemed to stop just fine.
 Ellen in the Varnowski. Ellen turned in very consistent runs around 65 MPH all week.
James Schroeder in Specter. On one run James managed to cross the finish line at over 45 miles per hour after pedaling the linear drive trike for over 2 miles with one leg because a pedal fell off. 
Halfway through the week, Jay Henry's black "FlyingJay" streamliner became red through the judicious use of red monokote. 
Ron Layman in Primal gets a flying start.  
Richard hangs out under his smiley umbrella while waiting for a 5 mile run. Richard's top speed was over 48 MPH. Pretty darn good for a 72 year youngster. 
The view from Mt Lewis, tallest mountain in the area. 
Warren hangs out in the start area, waiting to be taped in and take his run. Despite Georgi and Steve's work to give the bike proper gearing, Warren was not able to replicate the 64 MPH speed from 2005. Top speed for this year was just shy of 63.
Tom Novak and Jeff Wills get Larry and Tom ready to go. 
Warren Takes off on the landing gear. 
Hans Wessels makes a run in the Cuda-W. Hans and Warren are almost exactly the same size, too tall to fit in most bikes. 
Warren Beauchamp attempts to make a run in the Speedhawk, but due to loose steering, had to keep moving left on the road until he found some nice soft gravel and sagebrush to crash into.
Chuck Royalty makes a run in the Orion speedtrike. Chuck had an amazing 66MPH on his first speed run down SR 305.
Jason Ericson makes a run in the Varnator. This bike was initially constructed by Steve Delaire of Rotator for Brian Romano, who then sold to Jason, who completed it.

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