WHPSC 2008 Pictures by Brad Teubner
WHPSC 2008 Pictures by Brad Teubner
Verbiage by Warren Beauchamp
Larry Lem and Tom Amick work on Goliath II
Rich Myers just washed the Gee Bee Moby Blue. Matt Scott's Varna rides atop his sporty Subaru. 
Larry and Tom do a test run in Goliath, sans top, with cardboard crash panels added. 
More Goliath testing on Ranch road, this time with the top on. 
Hans Wessels starts to put the Speedhawk together. 
 The Goliath sits in it's stand in the racer's favorite place to work on the bikes, the shaded front entryway to the hotel.
Mark Anderson starts work on the Wedge speedbike kit.  Mark and Eric Ware brought the Trisled constructed Kyle Edge body, the carbon fiber front subframe they made earlier, and a garage full of parts, in hopes that they could get th ebike ready to race during the event.
The Cal Poly SLO  team works on their Athena streamliner.
Brad was the lucky volunteer who got to sit at Ranch road, a lonely outpost along the 5 mile SR 305 course. Crickets and Coyotes, except for the occasional truck and 60+ MPH speedbike.

Here, Ellen Van Vugt flies by ranch road in the Varnowski.


Aaron Williams blasts by in Athena. 
James Schroeder in the Specter linear drive tadpole camera trike. 
Richard Myers in the Gee Bee Moby Blue 
Sam Whittingham in the Varna Diablo III 
Fred Markham in the Varna Mephisto 
Hans Wessels in  the Speedhawk. This bike is a Whitehawk fairing, shortened by about 5 inches, with a new custom carbon fiber frame built by Hans Van Vugt and Hans Wessels.
 Warren Beauchamp in the Cuda-W.
Larry and Tom in the Goliath II  back to back tandem.
Ranch Road. Yeah, desolate. 
Paul Pancella and Jim Iwaskow watch while Warren works on his drivetrain.

Warren spun out in the low 50s on Monday, so Georgi Georgiev and Steve Nash fixed the problem by brazing an 11T cog onto the stock 13T Rohloff drive cog.

Spectators observe as Richard works on his 'liner. 
Steve Copeland works on the the Velociraptor prone bike, Georgi checks it out. 
At the Tuesday show and tell, the very cool electric vehicle belonging to Michael Lewis was displayed. Michael is also the guy that designed the Battle Mountain posters, as well as most of the IHPVA posters for the last 20 years.

Electrathon vehicle owner Michael Lewis and Team Electrolite, covered 53.16 miles on 952.8 Watts avg power.

Racers prepare for another night of racing. 
 Fast Freddy gives Brad the high sign, while warming up on SR 305.

This desert plant was in full bloom.

Sam blasts by again. 
Fred zips by. 
Ellen's Varnowski was sanded daily, and lost more blue paint as the week went on.
Chuck Royalty goes fast in Raymond Gage's Orion Camera speedtrike. 
Aaron takes another run in Athena .
Dave Larrington performed the course sweeping duties before the racers were launched down the road. He verified that the closed road was safe by driving down it at 180MPH in his rented Corvette... 
Hans in the Speedhawk.

The canopy on the Speedhawk was broken is shipping, so it was fixed with epoxy and fiberglass.

Larry and Tom race in the growing dusk. 
Another picture perfect sunset on Ranch Road 
Warren in the Cuda-W. 
 Portrait of a ranch road #3.
Jason Erickson makes a run in his Varnator Varna clone. 
Moring comes, time to watch more bikes.

This is the view South down SR 305 toward the launch area.

James Schroeder in the Specter trike. 
Barclay Henry in the "Black Trike". Barclay lays on his back, head first, and looks through the windshield via a mirror. Yeah, everything is backwards.  
Matt Scott takes his first run in his Varna clone, sans canopy. 
Ellen in the Varnowski. 
The Specter trike, followed by their chase vehicle. 
Jay Henry in the FlyingJay streamliner.  
Ron Layman in the Primal streamliner. This bike was built by George and Carole Leone, and their friends, in only 45 days. 
Mark and Eric's speedbike kit gradually takes form as the week wears on. They work methodically and seemingly tirelessly from sun-up, far into the night. Here, the front subframe and drivetrain is nearly complete. 
Hans Van Vugt (middle) and race director Al Krause check out something in Garrie Hill's rental SUV.
Warren works on the Cuda-W drivetrain again to eliminate a tire rub, while Thomas Van Schaik,  Jun Nogami, and Jim Iwaskow look on.
The Goliath sported different colored tape to seal in the riders for each day. 
Cal Poly physics professor Kim Schallenberger makes an attempt on an official speed run in the Berls streamliner. Unfortunately the speedbike was only geared for about 30 MPH, and she went unstable and crashed after several miles. She slid into the moon dust and weeds, but popped out with hardly a scratch
Matt's Varna clone 
Hans works on the Varnowski drivetrain. 
When the speedbikers take over the hotel, the hallway is full of fast bikes. 

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